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Lady Gaga Fan Kicked Out of Concert of the Day

One of Lady Gaga’s fan got kicked out of her concert and took it to the streets where he decided to stop traffic with his dick. He ended up getting arrested for what I guess he thought was a genius idea at the time because I can only assume being forced to listen to Lady Gaga perform would make me want to throw away my freedom and strip myself of my worldy possessions before jumping into traffic…next time let’s hope the authorites go after the real fucking pantsless criminal who brain washes the public with her bullshit memorable music…but unfortunately the public doesn’t see her as the threat I do…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Mickey Rourke Molests a Fan of the Day

I don’t know whether this girl is actually a fan of Mickey Rourke’s, maybe she’s just some random person on the street who thinks he’s some kind of hospital patient suffering from some kind of birth defect and by the kindness of her heart and her new year’s resolution to be more of a empathetic to suffering people and she felt the need to give him a fucking hug, because his face is so battered and jacked on botox that he looks like he’s in pain. I guess it’s possible that she’s some girl he randomly brought home at some point in his career and he’s pretending he remembers her pussy, or maybe he’s just there taking advantage of his fame and showing the world pussy is just thrown at him, because I won’t admit that girls are willing to sacrifice their standards and suck up to someone, just because they are famous. Even though, I know that when I hug random girls and stroke their backs in public, they usually aren’t smiling like this star struck whore, and screaming bloody murder.

I guess it really doesn’t matter becuase this is Mickey Rourke and despite his success, he doesn’t matter and either do his grabby hands or the sluts that want those hands inside them….

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Twilight Fan of the Day

I am not down with Twilight, but I know a girl who lives around me who talks about it all the time. She’s a virgin, I know that may be a huge surprise and she likes to read all the fucking time. She’s a little more social than most losers. You know she doesn’t lock herself up with her cats and 10 library rentals, but is more into trying to talk about how she plays role playing videogames, how she met the last guy she fucked on World of Warcraft and how she’s never quite forgiving a character from some bullshit science fiction movie for letting another character die. I never really listen, because I avoid weirdos like that as best as I can, but I do hear her talking off every poor fuckers ear she can, her most recent kick has been this Twilight shit that she’s obsessed with and this video of some crazy UK girl that was sent to me over the last few days reminds me of her, so I am sharing it with you.

Watch Her Scary Excitement That the Sequel Will Be Made…

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Amy Winehouse Punches a Fan of the Day

Here’s a video of Amy Winehouse in concert at some big music festival this past weekend and she throws an elbow or a punch at one of her fans as she badly sings her song.

It’s moments like these that I want to share a needle with her while doing intravenous drugs, because watching the sultry and seductive way she struggles to walk across the stage because she’s out of breath and slowly dying turns me on. I guess I am kinda drawn to hurt, dying or diseased things because they are easy to catch when they try to run away from you, it’s pretty much the law of the jungle and seeing Amy Winehouse does nothing less than turn me into a raging animal that can’t be tamed.

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Lohan Fan Pic of the Day


I don’t know where I came across this. It was probably a photobucket search for Lohan or someshit. I guess the story behind this is some make a wish foundation bullshit, where one of these bitche’s is dying of something terminal, let’s say AIDS, but it could be cancer, and they win a shopping spree with their favorite teen dream Lohan. This pic looks a good year or two old, so it probably happened when Lohan still cared about the kids. Lately, all that’s on her mind is cocaine….I know this because I have a connection to Lohan. Just not the kind I want (dick in ass, raw dog, if you know what I mean)….. I am drinking as I write this. I bet there’s at least one typo. Go fuck yourself.

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