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The Model Terry Richardson Came on of the Day

If you’re wondering who the classy girl letting the photographer shoot up her skirt….

Her name is Charlotte Waters and I don’t even want to say her name…because she has come out as the model who Terry Richardson came on, in a time when she wanted to be a model, and allowed Terry Richardson to cum on her….like she let Kern shoot up her skirt…and obviously, she came out, that was the whole point of her going on reddit to call Terry out in the first place…Fame and the support of confused feminists who don’t know Terry….

The fact, from my perspective is that she shot with Terry because she was a groupie, flattered and trying to increase her profile. She let whatever happen and didn’t give any signs of being not into it because she was into it…only 4 years later, now that she’s a feminist and her modelling career didn’t work out for her…she’s pulling the I am a victim card to seek attention.

To say a dude abuses his power to fuck girls, or cum on girls, is bullshit, girls can choose who they fuck, when they fuck them and it’s just that fucking simple. If a girl fucks me cuz I have a website, girls fuck me cuz I have a website, is that really my fault…just like if a girl fucks a dude with a Ferrari cuz he has a Ferrari his fault for having a Ferrari

Obviously, she’s going to play the feminist card…but when I see that she’s shot for notorious nude photographer Richard Kern, I know exactly the kind of girl she is…

So VOCATIV did this exclusive interview wither her that I didn’t read because I already know what her hustle s…

I will also say I know, personally, at least 20 people who know Terry Richardson casually, professionally, and as legitimate friends with him…and not one person has ever said he was sleazy, or that he is disrespectful…and that makes me think if this did happen, it was because the girl was actively participating…

Not to mention, she’s really not that hot, and cumming on her face probably made her more appealing to begin with…you know like ugly porn chicks are hotter cuz they do porn..

Here’s the interview if you care about a Groupie upset things didn’t work out for her….because groupies love groupie-ing-until the groupie-ing is done. Groupies are their own breed of pathetic…



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The Newest Pussy to Get Paris Hilton Herpes of the Day

I don’t like talking anything about Paris Hilton or her ex-boyfiend Doug Reinhardt because I find them dull pieces of trash who stain society and really don’t fucking matter because they don’t contribute anyting. She is washed the fuck up, he’s pretty much a failed pro athlete and the whole thing is just a waste of time…

I do however like to point and laugh at the groupie bitch who is dumb enough to fuck Paris Hilton’s ex-boyfriend, knowing dude’s rockin’ Paris Herpes and not caring because in her retard groupie world, Paris Herpes are better than the strain she had before meeting Doug that she called Spring Break Herpes….cuz everyone in America has fucking herpes, you dirty fucking people….

So here’s some new tainted pussy for you to laugh at too. I just don’t know her name, so I can’t try to humilate her directly….but she looks like serious young trash…tacky as fuck…and now she’s got herpes to match her “Her Majesty” bracelet. What a fucking joke…I hate bitches like this.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Bob Sinclair’s Groupie’s Ass of the Day

Feel the love generation….I used to really hate this guy’s music. I’d be in a bar and the shit would come on and I’d start screaming in pain from the cheesiness of the shit…not to mention all the Ed Hardy’s would jump on their tables and start fist pumping the bottle of Grey Goose 12 of them split to look balling…for the cheesy girls, who are unfortunately hot despite how cheesy they are….leading to all this cheese chanting together like some really shitty choir I wish I didn’t know existed, reminding me I was seriously in the wrong fucking place…so I made my way back to dive bars where people have no idea who this guy is and most of the time don’t have any idea who they are since they’ve been drinking hard the last 3 decades…sure the pussy isn’t as good as the groupie pussy Bob Sinclair is pullin, yes, he has groupies and most are cheesy strippers or look cheesy like strippers, but it’s still pussy and when drunk enough, sometimes that’s enough.

Pics via Fame

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Mickey Rourke Hot Groupie Pussy of the Day

I shouldn’t call this girl a groupie, I mean Miceky Rourke seems pretty cool and I’m sure his plastic face has never had an issue getting pussy, but I do think her lack of interest while talking on her phone with her friend in her native Russian that Rourke doesn’t understand goes a little something like this….”Oh my god, I met Mickey Rourke last night….He’s the guy from the movie the Wrestler…I told you there were famous people everywhere in America…of course I fucked him…yeah he’s alright he just looks in the mirror a lot…I don’t know how I should get him to marry me…see if he marries me I will be at all the events and he has friends who can get me work so that I can live the American dream…I know I am too hot for him…but seriously he won an Oscar…That’s like winning three coupons for rationed bread back home”…..if you know what I mean….

Pics via Bauer

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Dave Navarro and his Teenage Groupie of the Day

I guess Dave Navarro gave up on teenage groupies and decided to stick it to some 28 year old communist immigrant dancer. The funny thing about immigrants is how they dress when they come here. It’s like they try to fit in so they follow their idea of what is popular, like in Izabelle Miko’s case, Avril Lavigne. So bitch goes off and does the stupid “Punk” streak and jumps on the first semi-famous dick she can find, which lucky for Navarro is him, because I’ve fucked dancers before, and it’s pretty next level, and they weren’t even immigrants trying to lock me down for citizenship, but were girls I either paid or got drnk enough to no say no. Their strong legs and flexibility is hard to fucking beat…it’s so good it makes you forget the bitch is using you to get noticed because she was in Coyote Ugly in 2000, back when she thought it was her big break and since then no one knows or remembers her, so the first ready and willing motherfuckin’ sex addict with any level of celebrity comes along, she jumps at the opportunity, cuz communist girls know to jump when the opportunity presents itself…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Kevin Connolly’s Groupie Pussy in a Black Bikini of the Day

At least one person is talking out about Casey Johnson’s death…and that one person is Nicky Hilton cuz she’s all emotional and has been getting involved in reclaiming her stuff from mooch opportunist Tila Tequila cuz the crackwhore was her best friend in the whole wide world, proving that Nicky Hilton a pretty shitty best friend who lets the people she claims are her best friends die alone in her apartment 4 days before being found, despite everyone knowing she was troubled as fuck….but it turns out that Casey Johnson was out on the beach in Hawaii with Nicky Hilton’s ex boyfriend, because I guess she thought faking her death would distract Nicky from knowing the truth that she stole her man.

I mean my theory may not be truth and this could just be a Entourage groupie lookin’ for attention by using her vagina to get close to Entourage cock or maybe she’s just happy with Entourage cock like the girl I know who banged Jamie Kennedy and thought it was the greatest thing, despite it being Jamie fucking Kennedy and not one single person she told thought it was as awesome as she did….

Pics via Fame

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Dave Navarro’s Groupie Pussy Go To Luis Vuitton of the Day

Wanna know how to keep young groupie pussy happy enough to not go to the police claiming motherfucker raped her, or to the media claiming he likes getting fucked up the ass with a strap on, or watching gay porn or that he gave her herpes other shit he doesn’t want to get out, or maybe he is trying to keep her happy to ease her young inexperienced ass into doing those crazy things Carmen Electra taught him….You take the shopping at Luis Vuitton and give money to some homeless dude in a wheel chair…nothing makes a bitch hornier….

Pics via Fame

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Mickey Rourke is Still Fucking Hot Skinny Big Footed Pussy of the Day

The funny picture about Mickey Rourke in these pictures is that he wants to look like he’s all rock and roll, you know with his whole weathered drug addict who was in a meth lab fire face, giving the finger to the paparazzi, while knowing that the paparazzi are his friends and the only reason this hot pussy with big feet is walking in public with him, if there was no celebrity and there was no fame, and he wasn’t in the movies and wasn’t nominated for an Oscar, he’d just be some weird lookin’ dude on the street that a bitch like this would probably not bother throwing money at, because she’d be too scared he’d back alley rape her, so it is safe to say she’s with him because we all have dreams and sometimes letting Mickey Rourke inside of you is a means to an end or some shit….

Pics via INF

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Walletfucking Groupie Ladder Climbin Whore of the Day

Not that Jeremy Piven is actually famous, but it is to say that this bitch, and probably a lot of her bitch friends are willing to fuck anyone they see on TV.
I am not sure if it is for personal gain, like maybe it will get them ahead, or if it is just for bragging rights that they were the cunt a celebrity stuck his dirty celebrity dick inside so that all her college friends get jealous and her college boyfriend either gets seriously upset she cheated on him or really excited because he’s a Jeremy Piven fan and now he has bragging rights by default cuz his girl is really just a fucking useless whore.

The whole thing is our fault for letting these idiots be put on a pedestal, so you only have yourself to blame every time a girl you want fucks someone cooler, more successful, more known or well-liked, better looking, less creepy aka everyone who isn’t you….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Cisco Adler and His Shy Groupie of the Day

Let’s face it, if anyone fucks this dude, it is strictly because he is famous or because he was on MTV or because he dated famous people or because he’s a budding rockstar with a pretty commercial sounding rap group, and it’s got nothing to do with how cool he is, how big his scrotum is, or how good lookin or talented he is and that’s why she’s covering her face, because she doesn’t mind the opportunity or doors dating him and his rich father may have for her, but she doesn’t like the rest of the world peering in and calling her out on her little strategic play, because even she knows it is pretty much bottom feeding at its best and that’s something you can’t stand tall and proud and celebrate, especially when we all know his dick’s been in you, you fucking dirtbag.


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CSI Guy and His Hot Girlfriend in her Bikini of the Day

Ewwwww Interracial kissing….I can’t believe this hasn’t been banned yet…you know that there aren’t laws about this shit…especially considering in some states you can’t fuck a woman up the ass legally, but it’s ok for a black man to kiss up on a girl who isn’t black…next thing you know they’re gonna have the right to ride in the back of the bus, or even have their own TV station.

The exerpt above was written by me in 1950, in a lot of ways, I predicted the future and my words should be seen as gospel and not smut….What it really comes down to is that girls love black dudes and black dudes love any girl who isn’t black so the whole thing makes perfect sense, especially when you give the dude some celebrity status, throw him on a TV show and make him okay to bring home to mom and dad and rich enough to pay child support after he deadbeat dads on her for new pussy, even when this pussy he’s already with is pretty fuckin’ substantial…

On a sidenote I know a married white woman who carries a picture of Gary Dourdan in her wallet cuz he’s her fuckin’ dream guy and good for him for breakin’ down barriers, it’s 2009 motherfuckers, the year to make some beige babies….

Here’s a video of what happened to a black dude riding with a white girl….

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Simon Cowell Gets a 100,000,000 Dollar Lap Dance of the Day

Guess what happens when you close a hundred million dollar deal with American Idol to add to your already insane level of success you have experienced the last 10 years…you get groupie gold diggin’ bitches who convince themselves that you are hot shit because they want a record deal and an exit strategy from their shitty broke ass lives and figure you look better than the billionaire Anna Nicole Smith prostituted herself to, because they’ve seen you on TV and they like that you’re an asshole with a horrible fake tan and that’s enough to make any pussy quiver with excitement the second they meet you in person, at least enough to give you a lap dance in the middle of a club because I guess all girls are wallet fuckin’ whores and if she fucks you the best she’s ever fucked, she thinks she won’t get voted off this week and will make it to LA. Get it, that was an American Idol joke. I’m pretty clever. Admit it.

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David Hasselhoff’s Young Pussy of the Day

Girls are so fucked. I don’t know what the deal is with them but you’d rarely see a dude dating a 60 year old woman just because she was on TV 10 years ago, but for some reason it’s some innate shit in a chick’s brain that makes them need to jump on any guy they’ve seen on TV and it doesn’t matter if he’s good looking, if he smells, if he was on a local commercial or if he is an actual star, the fact that they were in front of a camera is enough to make their panties wet enough that they have to take the shit off and jump on a fuckin’ dick.

I don’t know if it’s groupie behavior or some wanting what they assume everyone else wants and The Hoff is like her trophy or some shit, but I know it happens all the fuckin time, even with good lookin girls and the shit just confuses me.

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James Blunt with a Slut at Some Beach Party of the Day

James Blunt is a genius, sure his songs are something you can not get down to if you have a cock, unlesss that cock likes rubbin up against other cock, because there was a serious science put behind his work and that was to write the most sensitive sappy shit imanginable about fantasies all women have and that make all their panties wet, like love at first sight on the subway and other cliche love related shit all sung with a hurting voice, like he really was affected by the shit, making every pussy in the world shed a tear for the motherfucker.

Now he’s living in Ibiza, the sleaziest party spot in the world, where pussy is plentiful and every single one of them dreams the next hit Blunt single will be about them and how they broke his heart….


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Entourage and His Ugly Groupie of the Day

The guy in Entourage was seen leaving a club with some ugly groupie, I hope dude was drunk, because I am sure he could pull better ass than this, but then again, ugly groupies are easier to mistreat because they are just excited about having a guy go home with them in the first place, that when that dude happens to be a guy every girl wants to fuck who is on TV, they’ll go the extra step for him. That said, he’s definitely getting internal anal creampies tonight with no strings attached, if anything he’ll be able to gag her, piss on her and slap her around a bit and she’ll still leave with a smile on her face and when that goes down, I guess it doesn’t really matter how ugly the groupie is because life is about the adventure.

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