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Walletfucking Groupie Ladder Climbin Whore of the Day

Not that Jeremy Piven is actually famous, but it is to say that this bitch, and probably a lot of her bitch friends are willing to fuck anyone they see on TV.
I am not sure if it is for personal gain, like maybe it will get them ahead, or if it is just for bragging rights that they were the cunt a celebrity stuck his dirty celebrity dick inside so that all her college friends get jealous and her college boyfriend either gets seriously upset she cheated on him or really excited because he’s a Jeremy Piven fan and now he has bragging rights by default cuz his girl is really just a fucking useless whore.

The whole thing is our fault for letting these idiots be put on a pedestal, so you only have yourself to blame every time a girl you want fucks someone cooler, more successful, more known or well-liked, better looking, less creepy aka everyone who isn’t you….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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