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Sophie Monk Scratches her Big Itchy Cunt of the Day

Sophie Monk is known for having big pussy lips. She is constantly caught with random clothing jacked up inside her pretty much everytime the paparazzi is around. She is also known for having herpes that she got from her cheating fiance who she was trying to ride to the top before realizing that Paris Hilton was riding him hard enough to leave everyone itchy and scabby and now bitch is tending to the shit in public because everyone already knows her condition and there are no secrets amongst friends….especially when you do everything you fucking can to get noticed despite not having any marketable skills….

Pics via Fame

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The Newest Slut With Paris Hilton Herpes of the Day

If I was a scientist, I’d like to map out the Paris Hilton strain of herpes to see who has it, where it has gone, who it has touched, and who has been blessed with her scabby gift they can carry on for their lives, and a valtrex prescription that will clear the shit up but will be embarrassing to pick up at the pharmacy cuz everyone working will see you’re a herpes-ridden piece of shit….

But I’m not a scientist, so I get my kicks watching Paris Hilton’s ex with some chick who I know is with him cuz she thinks it is cool he dated Paris Hilton as Paris is her idol and who she aspires to be…based on the way she dresses and looks…and I know she’s not using condoms cuz getting knocked up with his baby would be so cool since that dick was in Paris Hilton and he doesn’t use condoms cuz he’s already got herpes so why bother..And I think she has a penis…

The whole thing is almost amazing….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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The Newest Pussy to Get Paris Hilton Herpes of the Day

I don’t like talking anything about Paris Hilton or her ex-boyfiend Doug Reinhardt because I find them dull pieces of trash who stain society and really don’t fucking matter because they don’t contribute anyting. She is washed the fuck up, he’s pretty much a failed pro athlete and the whole thing is just a waste of time…

I do however like to point and laugh at the groupie bitch who is dumb enough to fuck Paris Hilton’s ex-boyfriend, knowing dude’s rockin’ Paris Herpes and not caring because in her retard groupie world, Paris Herpes are better than the strain she had before meeting Doug that she called Spring Break Herpes….cuz everyone in America has fucking herpes, you dirty fucking people….

So here’s some new tainted pussy for you to laugh at too. I just don’t know her name, so I can’t try to humilate her directly….but she looks like serious young trash…tacky as fuck…and now she’s got herpes to match her “Her Majesty” bracelet. What a fucking joke…I hate bitches like this.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Gisele’s Got the Discount Brazilian Tranny Whore Lip of the Day

If you read this site you know I like whores. I don’t just mean drunken party girls you’d call a whore. Or girls who try to sleep their way to the top or who use their bodies for their personal gain, but actual drug addicted gutter-rat shit you find in the dirtiest part of town, willing to do the dirtiest things you want done to on the cheap, because you have to settle for doing it in a park with someone barely human, instead of the whole high class, take regular showes and use condom bullshit you get with overpriced escorts.

I am talking raw, real, authentic hookin’ at it’s fucking best, the way it was meant to be, with crack addiction and no self respect because of years of being abused and abusing themselves, the kind of whore who has shit stains on her pants and a who re-uses tampons when she gets her period, which is rare since she’s so malnourished.

That said, one of the most exciting things that can happen when trying to find a whore to get you off, is for her to have a dirty herpe lip because you can really negotiate the already reasonable price down, since they can’t hide their battle wounds.

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Rihanna Wasn’t Hiding a Nose Job, She Was Hiding Herpes of the Day

I posted some pics of Rihanna covering her face the other day, I am too lazy to link it, but I figured she got a nose job and was pulling a Michael Jackson, I didn’t even think she was covering up some mouth sores, because all the bitches I know who get this shit, embrace it and accept it as an inevitable outcome of their lifestyle and work. One once asked me if a soldier was ashamed of his amputations knowing he got them fighting for the country’s freedom, apparently, that was her rationale as to why she sucked dirty dick.

So Rihanna has mouth herpes, and so do 75% of the population, maybe she shouldn’t be such a pussy about letting the world in on her dirty little past that got her to where she is today.

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