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The Newest Slut With Paris Hilton Herpes of the Day

If I was a scientist, I’d like to map out the Paris Hilton strain of herpes to see who has it, where it has gone, who it has touched, and who has been blessed with her scabby gift they can carry on for their lives, and a valtrex prescription that will clear the shit up but will be embarrassing to pick up at the pharmacy cuz everyone working will see you’re a herpes-ridden piece of shit….

But I’m not a scientist, so I get my kicks watching Paris Hilton’s ex with some chick who I know is with him cuz she thinks it is cool he dated Paris Hilton as Paris is her idol and who she aspires to be…based on the way she dresses and looks…and I know she’s not using condoms cuz getting knocked up with his baby would be so cool since that dick was in Paris Hilton and he doesn’t use condoms cuz he’s already got herpes so why bother..And I think she has a penis…

The whole thing is almost amazing….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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