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Sophie Monk Scratches her Big Itchy Cunt of the Day

Sophie Monk is known for having big pussy lips. She is constantly caught with random clothing jacked up inside her pretty much everytime the paparazzi is around. She is also known for having herpes that she got from her cheating fiance who she was trying to ride to the top before realizing that Paris Hilton was riding him hard enough to leave everyone itchy and scabby and now bitch is tending to the shit in public because everyone already knows her condition and there are no secrets amongst friends….especially when you do everything you fucking can to get noticed despite not having any marketable skills….

Pics via Fame

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  • Mike

    Come on dude, you’re telling me if you had her body, your wouldn’t wanna be rubbing it all the damn time? I sure as hell would. I’d never take my hands off myself. LOL!