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Rihanna Wasn’t Hiding a Nose Job, She Was Hiding Herpes of the Day

I posted some pics of Rihanna covering her face the other day, I am too lazy to link it, but I figured she got a nose job and was pulling a Michael Jackson, I didn’t even think she was covering up some mouth sores, because all the bitches I know who get this shit, embrace it and accept it as an inevitable outcome of their lifestyle and work. One once asked me if a soldier was ashamed of his amputations knowing he got them fighting for the country’s freedom, apparently, that was her rationale as to why she sucked dirty dick.

So Rihanna has mouth herpes, and so do 75% of the population, maybe she shouldn’t be such a pussy about letting the world in on her dirty little past that got her to where she is today.

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  • Liz

    ew gross, this bitch is odd looking and now we know she has herpes

  • Ella Ella Ella

    luv dem tp roll urrings

  • Hate to say it, but if you’ve ever had a cold sore you’ve had herpes too.

  • selina kyle

    The herpes that causes cold sores is NOT the same as genital herpes. 90% of the population carries simplex 1, the cold sore kind, though only about 30% of those people ever break out with a cold sore.

  • nvm

    Thats not herpes it’s a severe vitamin deficiency. the skin at the side of your mouth can crack and become red and irritated and even bleed. They are often confused with cold sores, but this is usually a result of lack of nutrition and an increase in stress levels.

  • farah

    selina kyle, 90%?! bullshit. 70% of americans carry herpes simplex (type I and II) so it’s impossible for 90% to carry type I. besides, because of the increase in oral sex, the “traditional” rules of type I = oral, type II = genital have become very blurred. anyways, eww.

  • Lena

    Farah –

    Why is it impossible for 90% to carry type I? 90% carry Type I and out of those 70% has type II as well. Why is that difficult to comprehend? Besides, look anywhere and those are the statistics you’ll find.

  • Yep Uh huh

    She still has herpes Lena. & it sounds as if you may as well. Cold sore = HERPES, don’t care how you try to phrase it or MAKE IT SEEM NORMAL.

    EEWWWWWW! Now how she gone fukk for tracks with that herpes outbreakin’ every month?


  • Liz

    yeah doesn’t matter what strain of the herpes virus it is…ITS STILL HERPES

    i wouldn’t make out with someone that had herpes……it’s just wrong

  • Red Rooster

    I started getting these sores on my lips when I was 7 — I don’t believe it came from oral sex. My mother cooked from all the 4 food groups so it wasn’t a nutrition deficit. I still get them now occasionally, usually when I’m stressed.

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