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Bob Sinclair and Girlfriend Nude at the Beach of the Day

Do you feel the love generation? Here’s some Bob Sinclair who has won at life with his eurotrash dance music that has probably made him 100s of millions of dollars and allowed him to live the rockstar life around the world…all because he makes hit dance songs and clubs like overpaying DJs….

Well, he’s doing the whole nudist thing with his girlfriend who has what looks like some fake tits and a pussy rash, but that I still appreciate because if you’re going to go for a swim it might as well be nude….the whole bathing suit thing takes away from me staring at labia….so follow the EURO dreams….so do as the Europeans….

He’s from France, where sex is seen in a better way than in America, even the French girls here, who are distant relatives of the French from France have ANAL on the first date that’s not a date….they call it JOIE DE VIVRE…and I agree…eat well, drink, fuck, get naked at the beach….for people like me to stare at the tits….since bathing suits in France are typically just bottoms…hence all the French movies I used to jack off to when porn wasn’t readily available…

Bob Sinclair at 51, has been making music since the 80s and has won a few times over so a little “LOOK AT MY DICK” and “THE PUSSY I FUCK”…is all part of the “I fucking win” attitude we should all have if we weren’t such losers..

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Bob Sinclair’s Groupie’s Ass of the Day

Feel the love generation….I used to really hate this guy’s music. I’d be in a bar and the shit would come on and I’d start screaming in pain from the cheesiness of the shit…not to mention all the Ed Hardy’s would jump on their tables and start fist pumping the bottle of Grey Goose 12 of them split to look balling…for the cheesy girls, who are unfortunately hot despite how cheesy they are….leading to all this cheese chanting together like some really shitty choir I wish I didn’t know existed, reminding me I was seriously in the wrong fucking place…so I made my way back to dive bars where people have no idea who this guy is and most of the time don’t have any idea who they are since they’ve been drinking hard the last 3 decades…sure the pussy isn’t as good as the groupie pussy Bob Sinclair is pullin, yes, he has groupies and most are cheesy strippers or look cheesy like strippers, but it’s still pussy and when drunk enough, sometimes that’s enough.

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Bob Sinclair and His Wife in a Bikini of the Day

There’s some electronic music I like and a lot that I hate. Bob Sinclair is the cheesy dance music I fucking hate. It’s not so much him or the success he’s seen. But more the people he leads.

He is the leader of the Ed Hardy movement and in Montreal at least, the king of the chachi motherfuckers. Whenever his songs about feeling the love, or worlds going on, these lame motherfuckers start screaming and dumping their bottles of vodka on hot stupid girls, who don’t know better, because the media tells them this kind of behavior is ok to imitate, all while rocking 200 dollar T-shirts they buy with their parent’s credit card.

Here’s Bob Sinclair’s wife in a bikini, because I can only assume she’s some Euro trash coke slut he met in Ibiza while she was DJ Whoring her way to the fuckin’ top. Sure he’s got a great lifestyle, partying all night, traveling the world for free, fucking hot partysluts, but that doesn’t mean he’s good or cool according to me and I’m sure that really upsets him…Enjoy.

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