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Rumer Willis and Jessica Lowndes Lesbian Kiss of the Day

This is disturbing, not because I think girl on girl action on primetime TV designed for teenage girls is a bad thing, but because I don’t think Rumer Willis is a fucking monster and when anyone kisses her, even if that person is paid and Rumer is only cast because of who her parents are, but I do think if she has any hope for companionship, she should take the lesbian route because lesbians seem to care less about what people are wearing and less about what people look like and everything I’ve ever seen in regards to lesbians has proven thatgirls aren’t as superficial as men making lesbianism a place for all the fucking rejects to find love. Seriously, if I had a real pussy, I’d get all the low quality lesbian pussy. See I just took this negative screenshot and turned it into a positive message of hope for the reject girls reading this. I’m like a prophet. I should start my own church.

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Hilary Duff Has a Shitty Lesbian Kiss With Jessica Szohr on Gossip Girl of the Day

We’ve come a long way from the days of Murphey Brown when that career lebsian newscaster wasn’t allowed to say she’s a fucking lesbian on TV, or from Ellen who got taken off the air when her character came out as a lesbian, despite the fact that she always dressed like a dude and had that glimmer of rape victim scared of cock in her eye, or even from Rosie’s show where she came out despite her smelling like a contruction workin’ beer guzzling man with more testicle than any of of and shit got taken off the fucking air…and now primetime shows targeted to kids shows lesbian kisses, because I guess that shit touches close to home since all girls are bisexual or some shit….

And I guess Hilary Duff has come a long way from her Disney Career by taking her fatter, older, more abused ass thanks to her hocky player boyfriend and his team who fucks her becuase sharing is all about teamwork to popular shows like Gossip Girl to really push the boundaries of her acting capabilities by staging a vanilla scented dyke-out on camera….and I’m sure you’ll love it….

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Hayden Panettiere Kisses a Girl of the Day

Hollywood is a little late on this girl on girl bullshit cuz porn’s been doing this shit for decades, but for some reason just 10 years ago, having a lesbian character on a show was the end of the fuckin world, but now, lesbianism is fucking everywhere from the Katy Perry song, to mainstream movies and TV, to celebrity love lives, and it’s just not taboo or at drunken college parties after two girls craving male attention get convinced to fool around with each other, and I’m not complaining, I just know that like those college girls, Heroes is making a desperate attempt for attention, because I guess people aren’t watching anymore and this formulaic approach in getting views, but girl on girl is so obvious and dull and played out, next time they should show a little pussy lip….I mean provided Hayden’s got a pussy, cuz we’ve got no proof of that and her broad shoulders paint a different fuckin’ picture….

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Jonas Brother Sex Tape of the Day

What are the chances that this Jonas Brother has a boner when these pictures were taken? If they are actually virgins, I’m thinking that it’s pretty fucking high and that makes me feel uncomfortable. You know because this is the closest dude’s had to sex, and this is pretty much what their sex tape would look like, unless he plays on the grey areas and jerks off on his girlfriend, or lets her go down on him, or titty fucks her, or does her up the ass, or does anything that isn’t vagina sex, but as far as I’m concerned this is some overly successful, bible thumping, Disney scam virgin showing the world how he gets busy.

They are rumored to be shopping for engagement rings in these pictures, I figure that was a spur of the moment decision that stems from blue balls and wanting to rip her fucking pants off and fuck her brains out. I am sure we’ve all been there before but it’ll be more unfortunate when they do get married and he does get to fuck and realizes what this girl actually looks like, you know because being fucking horny makes the weirdest things appealing, you know that cloud that comes with desperation will blow over about 10 seconds after he cums and you turn over to see who or what you just brought home from the bar or out of the dumpster and fucked, but in Jonas Brother’s case, who he sold his fucking soul and half of everything he owns to.

Not having sex is not natural, waiting for marriage is dated and even people back then didn’t wait til marriage, they just pretended to. Shit only works in Arab countries where the woman gets shot if she has no hymen, even if it popped riding a horse/bike or doing gymnastics.

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Mickey Rourke Porn of the Day

Here’s some Mickey Rourke making out with his girlfriend and by making out I mean giving her a little kiss. Don’t ask me why I am posting it, because I really don’t know, I think at the time I uploaded the pictures because I thought they were funny, but now I am not sure why I thought they were funny, so I guess I’ll keep them up there for those of you who haven’t been able to get his rippling half naked greased up body in The Wrestler. I’m talking to you sexually confused wrestling fan.

Since you love penis – you may like this clip…

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Lucy Lawless and Her Lesbian Stage Show of the Day

I saw these pictures of Xena Warrior Princess in some stage show I don’t understand and figured I’d hit youtube to find more information and all I came up with was a clip from the show where she’s making out with some other girl and this caption.

In this clip, Lucy plays ‘Sappho’, a sexually precocious Catholic schoolgirl who finally kisses the object of desire, Gloria the dancer. Afterwards she sings the song, ‘The Reason’ by Hoobastank but not many people were listening for at least a minute because we were so excited and enthralled over that hot and shocking KISS. Wowie!!!!!!!!!!

Now I know that despite never watching the TV show because big women kicking ass in stupid costumes with stupid storylines and low budget effects with obnoxious arab suicide bombing screeching doesn’t do it for me, I find it kinda homoerotic, but a lot of losers became addicted to this cunt, so this video of her dyking out and trying to be sexy will be a nice change of pace from the re-runs, DVDs, posters and screencaps you’ve been jerking off to all these years, so despite being a couple days old and too weird for me, it’s a hell of a lot fresher than that mangled printout you’ve been hiding under your mattress the last decade.

Here’s a whole lot of pictures from her weird attempt at revamping a pretty shitty career…

Next time I expect to see some pussy lip…none of this fake nude bullshit. Embrace the fact you’re trying to cling on and give us what we deserve…which is real nude bullshit. Thanks.

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Enrique Inglesias Makes Fat Girl Dreams Come True of the Day

You know that this fat chick has spent many nights laying in bed, listening to her Enrique CD, curled up to a box of Oreos and a bag or 2 of chips, dreaming about the day a man will sweep her off her feet and show her that they really give a shit about her, and that dream became a reality last night. Sure it only lasted a minute and sure, Enrique does this every fucking show, to really solidify how much of a romantic and hearthrob he is and is using her as a prop and after that set is done, they will go their seperate paths, never to run into each other again, but I know for that minute, she felt like there was no one else in the world, it was just her and Enrique and it was real. The thousands of screaming fans just disappeared as their lips connected and when it all ended, so did the single best experience of her sad life, and she didn’t even get to go home and finish him off, and that probably left her with a serious case of blue balls, because that’s what cock teasing does to people, but not to worry, I am sure there will be plenty more disappointment to come in her life, but that’s just the story of any fat chick, probably starting with the boyfriend she managed to lasso seeing these pictures and dumping her cheating whore ass for kissing a hispanic famous dude in front of the fucking world….leaving her alone and forced to kill herself parked outside Enrique’s house for ruining her fucking life by making her fall in love with something she can’t have….or something…

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Mary Kate Olsen and Ben Kingsley Kiss in Some Movie of the Day

Mary Kate Olsen and Ben KIngsley are in a movie that may already be out but I’m not really up to date on shit called “The Wackness”. It is about 1994 New York and Kinglsey and Olsen have a kissing scene that may be more of a sex scene but I really have no fuckin’ idea because I don’t care, it’s a fuckin’ movie and I am sure some of the scum this girl has dated has been a lot worse for her health than a 64 year old, like Paris’ Stavros and every sluts’ Heath Ledger probably lead to herpes when Kingsley just leads to mental anguish and unfortunately not Alzheimers.

Age differences don’t gross me out because guys no matter what age they are will be able to find at least one girl young enough to be their grand daughter who was raised without a dad and who looks to him for support and who he looks to for hot sex with a young girl, so it’s kinda just the way things work and the exciting thing is not exploring her tight little pussy but the discounts you get when you go to the amusement park on dates and get in with the Father-Daughter price. Only in this case, you are with a daughter you can fuck instead of a daughter you awkwardly accidentally walk in on and don’t know how to process her hot body because you know you made it, you know you can’t like it, but you know that it’s porn-worthy.

Maybe the looks you get when you are a grey haired fat dude and you’re making out with a tight bodied 18 year old aren’t because people are disgusted by you and are infact just jealous because when I am 64, the one thing I know I’d want is a 20 year old on my dick and that’s the end of this.

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Michelle Trachtenberg’s Jew Kiss of Death for Passover of the Day

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Here are some pictures of Michelle Trachtenberg making out with some Gossip Girl motherfucker. I figured this would upset some of you Buffy fans who still masturbate to Buffy reruns and have her pictures printed up and put into a scrapbook you keep under your bed. It’s really just a numbers game since Buffy was designed for losers and so was the Internet and since I have a website and you are reading it, then you are a loser too, possibly one whole liked Buffy.

The good news is that it’s passover and Jews aren’t allowed to eat yeast so no one will be lickin’ your favorite pussy for the next week so you can be happy that this kiss doesn’t lead to her promised land, but at the same time, realize that she’s getting paid to make out with some dude, which to me is total prostitution. I wonder what Moses would have to say about this…..

Yes, I am capable of making really bad jokes.

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