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Enrique Inglesias Makes Fat Girl Dreams Come True of the Day

You know that this fat chick has spent many nights laying in bed, listening to her Enrique CD, curled up to a box of Oreos and a bag or 2 of chips, dreaming about the day a man will sweep her off her feet and show her that they really give a shit about her, and that dream became a reality last night. Sure it only lasted a minute and sure, Enrique does this every fucking show, to really solidify how much of a romantic and hearthrob he is and is using her as a prop and after that set is done, they will go their seperate paths, never to run into each other again, but I know for that minute, she felt like there was no one else in the world, it was just her and Enrique and it was real. The thousands of screaming fans just disappeared as their lips connected and when it all ended, so did the single best experience of her sad life, and she didn’t even get to go home and finish him off, and that probably left her with a serious case of blue balls, because that’s what cock teasing does to people, but not to worry, I am sure there will be plenty more disappointment to come in her life, but that’s just the story of any fat chick, probably starting with the boyfriend she managed to lasso seeing these pictures and dumping her cheating whore ass for kissing a hispanic famous dude in front of the fucking world….leaving her alone and forced to kill herself parked outside Enrique’s house for ruining her fucking life by making her fall in love with something she can’t have….or something…

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