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Hayden Panettiere Kisses a Girl of the Day

Hollywood is a little late on this girl on girl bullshit cuz porn’s been doing this shit for decades, but for some reason just 10 years ago, having a lesbian character on a show was the end of the fuckin world, but now, lesbianism is fucking everywhere from the Katy Perry song, to mainstream movies and TV, to celebrity love lives, and it’s just not taboo or at drunken college parties after two girls craving male attention get convinced to fool around with each other, and I’m not complaining, I just know that like those college girls, Heroes is making a desperate attempt for attention, because I guess people aren’t watching anymore and this formulaic approach in getting views, but girl on girl is so obvious and dull and played out, next time they should show a little pussy lip….I mean provided Hayden’s got a pussy, cuz we’ve got no proof of that and her broad shoulders paint a different fuckin’ picture….

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Girl Fainting Video of the Day

Here’s the kind of girl I like to get with, you know one who starts chats you up long enough that when the roofies kick in, you don’t look like a creep when you carry her out of the bar/drag her out of the bar from her hair.

The best part of the video is the crew’s reaction in studio.

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Some Girl Pissing On the Street of the Day

I came across this video and I don’t understand what barn this girl grew up in, but when you’ve gotta piss, you do that shit in an alley, not a busy street where people are walking by, no matter how drunk or high you are, unless you expect to end up on the fucking internet, which I guess this bitch wasn’t and that’s why she sprinted off like the Jamaican Bobsled team in spring training. I do know that in the history of my drinking in bars, I have only seen one bitch who was homeless and on crack pull a stunt like this, all the other drunken trash I know, may not be ladies, in fact most were disgusting whores, but they did have enough common sense to piss where as few people are standing around as possible. Either way, watch the video, and Google Her…

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Ryan Seacrest Trying to Fool Us


Ryan Seacrest is a total cunt. Just because he’s with a bitch, doesn’t mean he is into them. He’s a total poofter and this has been Ryan Seacrest Pretending he’s not gay, Picture of the Day. Even if this motherfucker had a sex tape come out where he’s fuckin 8 chicks, everyone would know it’s a cover-up. You’re not foolin any of us. Jesus Martinez – OUT – fucker.

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Photobucket Girl of the Day

There is nothing more rewarding that surfing through photobucket and finding a girl’s account that probably should have been set as private. You know the kind where girls get all webcam whorish and take 100’s of pics of themselves posing in their underwear. I don’t think this girl is all that hot, but I do think what she does is. This is a call to all the ladies who read this site to start taking naughty pics and sending them my way.

More Pics After the Jump

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