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Jessica Szohr & Nina Dobrev in Bikinis of the Day


Jessica Szohr is some garbage 30 something year old actress who you may or probably remember from Gossip Girl, you Autistic obsessive compulsive fucker who knows every girl on IMDB from low level to a-list…it’s a passions…she’s from Wisconsin, she was 2010’s People’s most beautiful people thanks to her publicist…and she’s friends with NINA DOBREV…

Nina Dobrev is a Canadian raised Bulgarian who is dating a dude named Scott Eastwood, son of Clint, rumored party animal creeper, who definitely fucks her up the ass…she’s also on a Vapire show..I’ve never seen….

Together they throw really lame looking pool parties for cheesy, uninteresting twats, who go to each other’s mansions and probably order sushi and all kids of goodies where they talk about boys and sing karaoke after one too many sangria’s…

Despite being in Hollywood, I highly doubt they are having lesbian coke fueled orgies, but then again, they are in Hollywood, have money and everyone loves lesbian coke fueled orgies…it’s all disney level PG cheesy on the surface, but when the phones are checked at the door…the weirdo actor behavior happens…which probably includes vagina puppetry..

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Jessica Szohr NIpples of the Day


Jessica Szohr has a pretty horrible last name, one that I assume is pronounced as “Sore”…something that also represent all things heprpes..related…

Making her a the constant reminder of the sores she may or may not have germinating in her genitals, thanks to being Hollywood, a place where having herpes is almost a status symbol, like the secret powerful virus that gets you into all the right events, despite being painful as fuck…

It’s like if you don’t have herpes, it means you didn’t fuck the right producer who likes giving girls herpes as a territory marking…

But then again, based on her career that hardly exists, it is quite possible she’s not one of those girls..becaus eif she was…maybe she’s had a more impressive IMDB page…

ALl this to say, I don’t even know who this girl is…but like the no bra and wifebeater look…so here she is..

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Jessica Szohr Kissing her Friend of the Day


The only thing I don’t like about a girl named Jessica Szohr, is the constant reminder of the sores she may or may not have germinating in her genitals, thanks to being Hollywood, a place where having herpes is almost a status symbol, like the secret powerful virus that gets you into all the right events, despite being painful sores on your genitals, since all the cool kids have it in a “OMg, you don’t have herpes, you totally haven’t been fucking high profile enough people”…it’s a horrible, vapid, empty, insane place this Hollywood bullshit…but if you want to make it to feed your little ego that tells you that you’ve got what it takes…you need a little more than your name to be SZOHR and a lot more of the rash on your cunt to be open sores…and based on her level of success and lesbianism on her social media, it’s safe to say…she may not have sores…but instead is just named SZOHR…

Yes…I just did a useless rant about a girl I don’t know based on her name rhyming with sores…my life is pathetic.

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Jessica Szohr’s Weird Fucking NIpples of the Day

Dirty…and not just because she looks ethnic, or native, and like she’s been on a gas huffing bender that has led to drinking rubbing alcohol because she needs booze in her veins so bad…but because of that nipple…

I mean is that even just one nipple, or is she built like a cow, or dog, and has nipples along her milk chain, you know not quite as evolved as the rest of humans…or is it just her shirt…maybe she’s got a nipple ring…whatever it is, she should try to dress around that flaw, and not accentuate it…like she is in this pic…

Not that I’m against birth defects, a lot of times that shit is hot to me, especially when it comes in the form of two vaginas, no wait that’s not a birth defect, that’s all girls, thanks to their asshole.


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Jessica Szohr See Through of the Day

Jessica Szohr is some Gossip Girl hipster looking trash with hipster prison tattoos that likely mean nothing more than she’s trying too hard to be different while being exactly the same as all her hipster peers, no that I always hate hipster or tattoos, I just do when it is the Hollywood version…..cuz Hollywood is one massive lie….

Well she wore a shirt with no bra, as Hipsters do to be edgie and fashionable….showing a little nipple….


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Jessica Szohr Has Some Very Hard Nipples

Jessica Szohr has the unfortunate name that I pronounce as SORE even if it isn’t the way she wants it pronounced…..shit always reminds me of herpes, but then again so do most celeb wannabe bitches…cuz I know what it takes to get where they want to be in their careers…you know they don’t just hand out TV roles, they make a bitch work for it…but we don’t have to worry about any of that, you know since we never met the bitch and will never meet the bitch…which may be representative of how pathetic our lives are that this one girl is not attainable…but we didn’t need hollywood for that….we get enough rejection in everyday life to realize that….and I guess what it all comes down to is that the one thing that was probably SZOHR after these pics were taken and she warmed up was her nipples…them shits are hard.


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Jessica Szohr Doesn’t Slut Out Enough on Set of the Day

Here is some Canadian named Jessica Szohr who I have never met, but who I assume is a total cunt, all shallow and cold, like the cunt on a tranny in a snowstorm, because she’s gone all Hollywood, even if Hollywood for her is being on the worst show ever, one you’d imagine being cancelled by now, but for some reason still on TV, feeding her ego…

These pictures are of her on set, because apparently she gets work…..I’m just disappointed that she’s not the one who is pantsless….because her caliber of fame, success and talent would lead one to think she’d be the kind of girl who only gets work cuz she’s bottom feeding and willing to get naked just to get on camera, but maybe that willingness, shines off set in directors/producers offices….

Who cares. Seriously.

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Jessica Szohr Body Painted of the Day

I thought this girl was on 90210 the next generation, but it turned out I was wrong, so I had the throw out my whole post on how bullshit that show is and now I have nothing to say except that if SOBE drink is body painting actresses to sell their garbage drinks and they can get those ads on TV or in magazines, why the fuck am I considered a porn site and unable to land money from these idiots when they are the ones who actually get these bitches naked for what they think is genius marketing….and maybe it is….but I don’t see how a naked bitch on gossip girl covered in paint sells drinks or even relates to what they do….but she’s naked and that’s what matters….and as I am concerned it almost is, the only thing shit is missing is a little nipple and pussy lip, I mean if you’re gonna get a bitch naked, get her fucking naked, don’t half ass the shit by making her a flesh colored latex bra and panty set to paint over so nothing gets exposed, if sexy shock value is what you’re fucking after than do it fucking right….not that I’m complaining, considering I don’t remember who or what I am posting about. It happens.

To See The Rest of the Pictures – Follow This Link

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Jessica Szohr Bikini Top for OP of the Day

I thought this Jessica Szohr chick was on 90210 so I have been avoiding her as I want that shit to go bankrupt faster than it took some idiot exec to come up with the idea of “hey, let’s do a modern version of 90210 and keep some of the same characters, since it worked in Canada with Degrassi, hell let’s even hire one of the girls from Degrassi”.

I find bottom-feeding ideas, and bottom-feeding shows, lure in bottom-feeding actors like Annalynne McCord who reminds us of that daily and I like to avoid promoting them….

But today I took the time to google this Jessica Szohr bitch, mainly because I pronounce her name as Jessica SORE, which is possibly hot, you know like a sore pussy from getting fucked hard, but reminds me more of a sore on her pussy from getting fucked hard by dirty cock….and it turns out she’s actually on Gossip Girl….

I don’t know how I’m going to forgive myself for making that mistake, but in my defense, up until a month ago, I thought Gossip Girl and 90210 were the same show, and so did the execs who created them….

Either way, she did a campaign for Ocean Pacific, a line that’s gone Walmart in Canada since it’s revival from it’s 80s surfing prime…but she’s in a bikini top and showing off her young looking body hard enough to make me ignore how bad this photoshoot is, but more importantly how bad her nose looks in them….

See bikini tops are good enough for me…I’m easy…and I’m pretty sure she is too…that’s the only way to make it in Hollywood…remember that aspiring actresses I meet in bars who I tell I’m a producer who can make them famous….

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Hilary Duff Has a Shitty Lesbian Kiss With Jessica Szohr on Gossip Girl of the Day

We’ve come a long way from the days of Murphey Brown when that career lebsian newscaster wasn’t allowed to say she’s a fucking lesbian on TV, or from Ellen who got taken off the air when her character came out as a lesbian, despite the fact that she always dressed like a dude and had that glimmer of rape victim scared of cock in her eye, or even from Rosie’s show where she came out despite her smelling like a contruction workin’ beer guzzling man with more testicle than any of of and shit got taken off the fucking air…and now primetime shows targeted to kids shows lesbian kisses, because I guess that shit touches close to home since all girls are bisexual or some shit….

And I guess Hilary Duff has come a long way from her Disney Career by taking her fatter, older, more abused ass thanks to her hocky player boyfriend and his team who fucks her becuase sharing is all about teamwork to popular shows like Gossip Girl to really push the boundaries of her acting capabilities by staging a vanilla scented dyke-out on camera….and I’m sure you’ll love it….

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Some Bullshit Gossip Girl in Stupid Shorts of the Day

Her name is Jessica Szohr which pretty much makes her my soulmate because I have szohr’s all over my cock, szohr’s that look like her ugly Charlie Brown shorts that probably cost more than everything I own combined, but in my defense, I don’t really own anything, I’m born to roam and mooch off my lonely and desperate wife.

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