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Jessica Szohr Deep Stretch of the Day

Jessica Szohr With The Deep Pussy Stretch

Jessica Szohr chiming in to remind you of the d to g-list actress that no one can really place…or remember but who I know was on GOSSIP girl….has a really fucking mangled and terrifying face, but that’s pretty much the basics of all women these days, especially those with money, in entertainment who have had some success, like being

She’s doing a DEEP PUSSY STRETCH to remind you she still exists and to give her vagina the flexibility and mobility to hop back into the CASTING COUCH Scene…girl needs to get paid…

I do think the name SZOHR is unfortunate, it reminds me of herpes sores, which makes the deep pussy stretch more exciting..I am Canadian, I don’t have herpes, but I have had chapped skin from the winter and know that stretching it out would sting and burn, while this one just comes at it…powers through it….like her pussy has no nerve endings…IMPRESSIVE…


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