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Jessica Szohr Kissing her Friend of the Day


The only thing I don’t like about a girl named Jessica Szohr, is the constant reminder of the sores she may or may not have germinating in her genitals, thanks to being Hollywood, a place where having herpes is almost a status symbol, like the secret powerful virus that gets you into all the right events, despite being painful sores on your genitals, since all the cool kids have it in a “OMg, you don’t have herpes, you totally haven’t been fucking high profile enough people”…it’s a horrible, vapid, empty, insane place this Hollywood bullshit…but if you want to make it to feed your little ego that tells you that you’ve got what it takes…you need a little more than your name to be SZOHR and a lot more of the rash on your cunt to be open sores…and based on her level of success and lesbianism on her social media, it’s safe to say…she may not have sores…but instead is just named SZOHR…

Yes…I just did a useless rant about a girl I don’t know based on her name rhyming with sores…my life is pathetic.

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