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Jessica Szohr & Nina Dobrev in Bikinis of the Day


Jessica Szohr is some garbage 30 something year old actress who you may or probably remember from Gossip Girl, you Autistic obsessive compulsive fucker who knows every girl on IMDB from low level to a-list…it’s a passions…she’s from Wisconsin, she was 2010’s People’s most beautiful people thanks to her publicist…and she’s friends with NINA DOBREV…

Nina Dobrev is a Canadian raised Bulgarian who is dating a dude named Scott Eastwood, son of Clint, rumored party animal creeper, who definitely fucks her up the ass…she’s also on a Vapire show..I’ve never seen….

Together they throw really lame looking pool parties for cheesy, uninteresting twats, who go to each other’s mansions and probably order sushi and all kids of goodies where they talk about boys and sing karaoke after one too many sangria’s…

Despite being in Hollywood, I highly doubt they are having lesbian coke fueled orgies, but then again, they are in Hollywood, have money and everyone loves lesbian coke fueled orgies…it’s all disney level PG cheesy on the surface, but when the phones are checked at the door…the weirdo actor behavior happens…which probably includes vagina puppetry..


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