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Emanuelle Chriqui in a Bikini from Some Movie of the Day

Here’s everyone’s favorite Jew, and by everyone I don’t mean me, because I never got over how erotic Roseanne Barr was and for some little 30 something year old twat from Canada to try to knock Roseanne off her hottest Jewish celebrity title I gave her in my sexual fantasies, it makes me mad.
This Moroccan needs to get her ass in Ed Hardy at the club poppin’ bottles of “Goose” with her other cheesy Moroccan friends dancing cheesy electronic music like Bob Sinclair or David Guetta or whoever the fuck else these idiots go crazy over, BRO, cuz Moroccan’s only stick together but I only say that because I’ve always been into the Eastern European variety of Jews and if I had to have a Jewish Buffet, I’d save the Moroccan’s for the camels I had parked out back, if you know what I mean….

The only regret I have in all this is that didn’t abduct this bitch back when she was living in Montreal at the age of 2. That was my chance, you know my opportunity and I totally missed it.

This movie is called Taking Chances. I never heard of it but then again the only movies I watch are Romantic Comedies staring Jennifer Aniston because I like the irony, not that I know what irony means….

And here’s some shitty sex scene…

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Mini Me’s Sex Tape Fame Whore Gets Naked of the Day

So you all know this jew who fame whored her way into the spotlight by fucking Mini Me on camera and leaking the tape to get some attention because he was the only celebrity to give her the time of day since he’s a dwarf and doesn’t have very high standards.

Well, after realizing that her strategy to get famous didn’t have the anticipated results, she did what any fame whore would do and hired a photographer to take some nude pictures and a manager and legal team to draft a letter directed at Hugh Hefner, in hopes of getting a Playboy gig.

I didn’t go through any of this because I seriously don’t give a fuck about her, or her attempts at getting famous, if anything, I hate her for it and despite liking girls with no self respect who use sacrifice their pussies by doing really disgusting things, I don’t like seeing handicapped people being taken for a ride, seriously. Especially when they are ugly.

I did get this almost topless picture of her, so figured I’d post it regardless of my hatred of her, because I get easily blinded by nipples.

If you want to read the letter to Playboy

Here’s another one where she looks much hotter.

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Michelle Trachtenberg’s Jew Kiss of Death for Passover of the Day

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Here are some pictures of Michelle Trachtenberg making out with some Gossip Girl motherfucker. I figured this would upset some of you Buffy fans who still masturbate to Buffy reruns and have her pictures printed up and put into a scrapbook you keep under your bed. It’s really just a numbers game since Buffy was designed for losers and so was the Internet and since I have a website and you are reading it, then you are a loser too, possibly one whole liked Buffy.

The good news is that it’s passover and Jews aren’t allowed to eat yeast so no one will be lickin’ your favorite pussy for the next week so you can be happy that this kiss doesn’t lead to her promised land, but at the same time, realize that she’s getting paid to make out with some dude, which to me is total prostitution. I wonder what Moses would have to say about this…..

Yes, I am capable of making really bad jokes.

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Mila Kunis is a Jew I’d Like to Fuck of the Day

The Jewish girls I come across look more like a muppet than anything I’d want to fuck. You know with their big noses and droopy eyes, something so wonky lookin’ that you’d expect it them to have a hand jacked up their asses making them whine about everything they can think of on their way to get get their nails and hair done in daddy’s Lexus SUV because daddy doesn’t buy German cars after what the German’s did to his people or some shit. I just always blamed the facial disorder on the incest the strength of the culture is based on. It was also the reason I had for their asthma, allergies, bad eyesight and money making ability. So when I see Mila Kunis knowing she’s Jew I get thrown off in a good way. Maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to judge their people because there’s always going to be an exception to the rule and maybe I should be more accepting as a person but the truth is I am pretty accepting and just cuz a bitch looks like a muppet never stopped me from letting them show off their blow job skills they learnt in camp on me. I actually encourage rich girls whose parents want them to marry into their religion to use me as a form of rebellion against the family but that’s just because when a bitch thinks she’s being naughty, it usually comes through in the way she fucks, so Muppet-faced or not, I am usually always down for a good time.

Unfortunately, Mila Kunis has some sick Home Alone 1 through 3 fantasy that’s lead her to end up with Macaulay Culkin. She’s been with him for 8 years or some shit and seems like she is under his child star spell, so that just leaves me with jerking off to her voice on Family Guy or reruns of That 70s Show, now all I need to make that happen is a TV. I guess it’s good to have dreams.

In case you didn’t know, Complex featured me in their magazine too. I guess that may make their editorial team questionable, but I think it makes them my friend so click the link and show them some love, because they showed me love and that’s gotta count for something.

To See The Article and Rest of the Pictures

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