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Emanuelle Chriqui and Other Tits Randall Slavin Exhibition of the DAy


A bunch of models and celebs got naked for Randall Slavin exhibit called “Achromatic” …like Emanuelle Chriqui…..

I am pretty sure he’s shot for Victoria’s Secret at some point or another, but I could be wrong, I just know that he was an aspiring LA based actor who was in very important movies like Legends of the Fall and Beethoven’s 2nd as “Party Beer GUy”…before realizing “FUCK I BETTER DO SOMETHING ELSE THAT STILL GETS ME IN THE SCENE”…and that became a successful photography career…

He shoots and is surrounded by models and instagram models and celebrities alike, and I guess he’s decided to high concept his name and make it into some kind of charity…by getting these girls naked – to garner attention – and to photoshop them down to garner hatred from the people dying to see Emanuelle Chriqui’s tits the last decade…

There were other girls involved in this but the highlight is Emanuelle Chriqui tits…so Look at the Emanuelle Chriqui tits….run through a filter to make it “art”…annoying fucking art…


The other girls who don’t matter are:

Genevieve Morton - Desperate and Trying...

Genevieve Morton – Desperate and Trying…

Marissa Papen...

Marissa Papen…

Masha Rudenko

Masha Rudenko

Sandy Leddin Butt Shot

Sandy Leddin Butt Shot

Sierra Swartz  Titty Stretch

Sierra Swartz Titty Stretch

Stephanie Corneliussen

Stephanie Corneliussen

Weird Titty Alejandra Guilmant

Weird Titty Alejandra Guilmant

Brandi Qunones....no idea but see her tits

Brandi Qunones….no idea but see her tits

Elizabeth Elam and her crotch....

Elizabeth Elam and her crotch….

Jarah Mariano - Ass Cheek for the Win...

Jarah Mariano – Ass Cheek for the Win…

Jessica White is Black

Jessica White is Black

Katelyn Pascavis, whoever the fuck that is, can pose....

Katelyn Pascavis, whoever the fuck that is, can pose….

I don't give a fuck about who Leila Spilman is , but I want to get to know her mound.

I don’t give a fuck about who Leila Spilman is , but I want to get to know her mound.

Lindsey Wixon and her weird face and rockin' tits that distract from her weird face...

Lindsey Wixon and her weird face and rockin’ tits that distract from her weird face…

Rat Cow is Fucking Everywhere Because That's what Rat Faces Bitches with Big Tits and Little to Offer Do

Rat Cow is Fucking Everywhere Because That’s what Rat Faces Bitches with Big Tits and Little to Offer Do

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Emanuelle Chriqui’s Lookin’ Solid in a Bikini of the Day

Canadian Moroccan Jewish Emanuelle Chriqui, who is actually from Montreal, where I live, but is one of those Montrealers who has gone hollywood with all of one show, who when she comes back to visit relatives, cuz those Moroccan Jews know how to breed and have family everywhere, acts too cool for anyone who talks to her, because that’s what forgetting your roots when you make all kinds of money and have all kinds of fans even though you only were on on show is all about…

Well she was in a bikini and it looked alright…considering how much of a cunt I hear she is, it looks like it’s average sized….but them titties…them titties be fertile…all ready to breed…to bad her boyfriend’s gay…But you wouldn’t know that because I cropped him out…and apparently, either does he…boom.


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Emanuelle Chriqui Shitty See Through On Twitter of the Day

Emanuelle Chriqui is some Moroccan trash I am sure the Moroccan community embraces for breaking down the boundaries of being Moroccan by being famous…..not that I know anything about being Moroccan other than all the horrible stories I was told by a friend who had all kind of horrible things to say about them from controlling, to boring, to willing to stab their own family in the back, to slimey, to greasy, to couscous eating arab even when they are jewish motherfuckers…but I wouldn’t take her word for much, I mean she was nuts enough to let me inside her without a condom…

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Emanuelle Chriqui Hosts Some Bullshit of the DAy

I don’t know shit about this bitch, other than that she was born in Canada, and as a Canadian blog, I have to post 20 percent Canadian content, otherwise the Mounties and Polar Bears come after me with fists full of bacon and maple syrup, ready to lock me up in their ice fort….

I wish that was true. It’d make my life more interesting…

I’m really just posting it cuz I wasted my time on the pics, I might as well post the pics, even if I don’t give a fuck about the bitch in the pics and feel no hatred or happiness when I see them, no erection or feeling of sickness in my stomach like she was Snooki or Kardashian, nothing…

She’s just some basic Moroccan shit, gypsy merchant, ready to rip you off for 25 cents, all while wearing Ed Hardy and speaking like she was a guido on Jersey shore…

Good times.

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Emanuelle Chriqui and Other Bitches Nude in Allure of the Day

Here’s another example of mainstream “Fashion” magazines bringing out the nudity because they trick bitches into thinking that it’s for art and fashion and not for idiots to jerk off to. They don’t get flagged as a NSFW site, or get blocked in schools, universities, offices and other places sites like mine are banned and they don’t lose any advertisers, cuz they spin the shit as classy and I call the whole thing bullshit…

The pictures are boring and include Kara DioGuardi naked and boring from American idol and other cunts who are barely relevant got naked for the shoot. The only picture that a 13 year old could probably still get off to is of Emanuelle Chriqui naked and standing , some Morrocan Canadian who left the family business of being the slimey, scamming, loud, tacky fucking scum Morrocan…not that that’s a job…but when you’re Morrocan and in public you sure as hell think it is….

The other bitches are Regina Hall naked and boring , Colbie Caillat naked and boring , and Jessica Capshaw naked and boring.

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Emanuelle Chriqui in a Bikini from Some Movie of the Day

Here’s everyone’s favorite Jew, and by everyone I don’t mean me, because I never got over how erotic Roseanne Barr was and for some little 30 something year old twat from Canada to try to knock Roseanne off her hottest Jewish celebrity title I gave her in my sexual fantasies, it makes me mad.
This Moroccan needs to get her ass in Ed Hardy at the club poppin’ bottles of “Goose” with her other cheesy Moroccan friends dancing cheesy electronic music like Bob Sinclair or David Guetta or whoever the fuck else these idiots go crazy over, BRO, cuz Moroccan’s only stick together but I only say that because I’ve always been into the Eastern European variety of Jews and if I had to have a Jewish Buffet, I’d save the Moroccan’s for the camels I had parked out back, if you know what I mean….

The only regret I have in all this is that didn’t abduct this bitch back when she was living in Montreal at the age of 2. That was my chance, you know my opportunity and I totally missed it.

This movie is called Taking Chances. I never heard of it but then again the only movies I watch are Romantic Comedies staring Jennifer Aniston because I like the irony, not that I know what irony means….

And here’s some shitty sex scene…

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Emanuelle Chriqui is Hot in a Shitty See Through Shirt of the Day

So I went out drinking last night and ate some really bad chicken or something that my ulcer couldn’t handle and within an hour I felt like my insides were on fire. I ran into the closest public bathroom and the next thing I remember was I was in a hospital bed on an IV and was told that I reacted badly to whatever I ate and that I was found passed out in the bathroom in a pool of blood that came from my ass. I was told I shouldn’t drink, eat spicy food or eat anything that is hard to digest, and the good news is that I didn’t die, despite what doctors have been telling me the last 5 years if I keep up my habits….

The good news was that I used my state of being an invalid with a blood asshole to land another hole because my nurse was a hot little French Girl I wanted to see naked, it didn’t work because french girls hate me, even if they are Morroccan but like Emanuelle Chriqui’s ancestors and the Jewish people as a whole, I am a survivor. I just won’t talk about it for the next 5 decades like they do.

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