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Emanuelle Chriqui and Other Bitches Nude in Allure of the Day

Here’s another example of mainstream “Fashion” magazines bringing out the nudity because they trick bitches into thinking that it’s for art and fashion and not for idiots to jerk off to. They don’t get flagged as a NSFW site, or get blocked in schools, universities, offices and other places sites like mine are banned and they don’t lose any advertisers, cuz they spin the shit as classy and I call the whole thing bullshit…

The pictures are boring and include Kara DioGuardi naked and boring from American idol and other cunts who are barely relevant got naked for the shoot. The only picture that a 13 year old could probably still get off to is of Emanuelle Chriqui naked and standing , some Morrocan Canadian who left the family business of being the slimey, scamming, loud, tacky fucking scum Morrocan…not that that’s a job…but when you’re Morrocan and in public you sure as hell think it is….

The other bitches are Regina Hall naked and boring , Colbie Caillat naked and boring , and Jessica Capshaw naked and boring.

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Kara from American Idol Squatting of the Day

I don’t find Kara DioGuardi much to look at, if anything I find her a cunt who produced really shitty generic music that is usually guaranteed hits cuz it’s so fucking candycoated and bullshit, then I see her on American Idol acting all hard and catty with girls who are far hotter than she is, because she’s just the kind of old slut who resents younger bitches cuz guys prefer fucking them than fucking her and here she is squatting in what looks like a table cloth, or maybe a Christmas Tress skirt, or even a pair of curtains she took from her grandmother’s home after she died, which is fitting because grandmother home is pretty much exactly what her pussy smells like, at least that’s what I’ve been told…..

Pics Via INF

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Kara Dioguardi Bikini Stunt of the Day

Kara from American Idol is knows for writing really garbage pop songs that outsell actual good music numerous times over. She’s constantly annoyed me throughout the season of American Idol when I accidentally end up watching it because Ryan Seacrest gives me unhealthy boners. Mainly because she’s a horny fucking cougar on the prowl, ready to eat up any pussy that stands between her and the cock, and last night she tried to put her money where her mouth (that has seen many cock) is and sang her ass off and flashed her bikini body to let the bikini girl know she’s still got it. It was a weird fuckin scene, but I never complain when desperate rich sluts feel insecure, it usually means increased probability that I won’t be cummin’ alone when the lights in the bar turn on. Good times.

Here’s the video….

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