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Emanuelle Chriqui in a Bikini from Some Movie of the Day

Here’s everyone’s favorite Jew, and by everyone I don’t mean me, because I never got over how erotic Roseanne Barr was and for some little 30 something year old twat from Canada to try to knock Roseanne off her hottest Jewish celebrity title I gave her in my sexual fantasies, it makes me mad.
This Moroccan needs to get her ass in Ed Hardy at the club poppin’ bottles of “Goose” with her other cheesy Moroccan friends dancing cheesy electronic music like Bob Sinclair or David Guetta or whoever the fuck else these idiots go crazy over, BRO, cuz Moroccan’s only stick together but I only say that because I’ve always been into the Eastern European variety of Jews and if I had to have a Jewish Buffet, I’d save the Moroccan’s for the camels I had parked out back, if you know what I mean….

The only regret I have in all this is that didn’t abduct this bitch back when she was living in Montreal at the age of 2. That was my chance, you know my opportunity and I totally missed it.

This movie is called Taking Chances. I never heard of it but then again the only movies I watch are Romantic Comedies staring Jennifer Aniston because I like the irony, not that I know what irony means….

And here’s some shitty sex scene…

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