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Emanuelle Chriqui in a Bikini from Some Movie of the Day

Here’s everyone’s favorite Jew, and by everyone I don’t mean me, because I never got over how erotic Roseanne Barr was and for some little 30 something year old twat from Canada to try to knock Roseanne off her hottest Jewish celebrity title I gave her in my sexual fantasies, it makes me mad.
This Moroccan needs to get her ass in Ed Hardy at the club poppin’ bottles of “Goose” with her other cheesy Moroccan friends dancing cheesy electronic music like Bob Sinclair or David Guetta or whoever the fuck else these idiots go crazy over, BRO, cuz Moroccan’s only stick together but I only say that because I’ve always been into the Eastern European variety of Jews and if I had to have a Jewish Buffet, I’d save the Moroccan’s for the camels I had parked out back, if you know what I mean….

The only regret I have in all this is that didn’t abduct this bitch back when she was living in Montreal at the age of 2. That was my chance, you know my opportunity and I totally missed it.

This movie is called Taking Chances. I never heard of it but then again the only movies I watch are Romantic Comedies staring Jennifer Aniston because I like the irony, not that I know what irony means….

And here’s some shitty sex scene…

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Jayde Nicole is Some Canadian Trash of the Day

I saw Brody Jenner once. I think he was 5 foot 4. I walked by him at some event where he was surrounded by pussy throwing itself at him. I’m talking the party was 20 chicks for every dude, and although leaving alone, it would have been a great opportunity for dudes chicks actually wanna fuck, and not creepy old fucks who have no business at Brody Jenner parties. Anyway, this is the pussy he pretends is his only pussy, she’s some Playboy trash from Canada and when I say trash, I mean serious trash, like her single mom is a cocktail waitress and hooters or a stripclub so that she can afford the fake Chanel so people don’t realize they live in a fuckin’ trailer, who taught her daughter the value of of getting naked for money, and is now lovin’ all the perks that come with it, like now they can finally wear real Chanel, or some shit…and here is Brody Jenner missing a perfectly good opportunity to end all the trash and throw the cunt down the fuckin stairs “accidentally”, in hopes she Natasha Richardsons’ or Christopher Reeves’, leaving him free from the welfare headaches, but unfortunately that storyline isn’t written into the script for The Hills….

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Pam Anderson’s Canadian See Through Moment of the Day

Pam Anderson hosted a bikini contest at the Montreal Club I never go to but do know that on Sunday or Monday night all the fuckin’ cokehead strippers rock out there, but I can’t ever manage to get there because I know that I will be rejected at the door. The one time that I was allowed into the club was a while ago when my stepdaughter was hired to be some kind of Gogo dancer in a bra and a pair of bootyshorts and even then the bouncer made me check my shirt because he told me that they didn’t allow lumberjack shirts into the club.

Either way, she got paid 100,000 dollars which was prety shocking to me cosidering they are about 10 years too late on her appeal to the perverts since she’s old, washed up and diseased, but I am guessing all the local sluts everywhere who are riding off the Pam Anderson dream and who think of her as some kind of mesiah in the business of sluts will always look up to her as some kind of den mother.

I guess the good news is that she showed off her nipples, because she figures that she’s got no choice but to show some skin at that price, it’s like the time I gave a reformed hooker 40 dollars and she felt obligated to suck me off because it is all she knew. I like to think that she’s just showing them off because she’s amazed as all of us that after all the surgery she still has nipples and likes the world to see them like some kind of trophy.

Here are some of the Contestents in the BIkini Contest Thanks to Facebook:

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