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5 Reasons Not to Buy Playboy’s Non Nude Issue of the Day


Playboy Magazine pulled the nudity to be more Christian and ad friendly, thinking it may shift the brand back to being a premium luxury market men’s magazine, maybe even a content producer that makes webseries, documentaries featuring alternative news stories and features on people of “interest’…you know since that’s what is making money online with BuzzFeed and Vice.

The issue with pulling the nudity in a print magazine, is why the fuck else would anyone want to buy a print magazine, other than to take it to the bathroom and jerk off to, and even if they were trying to make it a high produced photo book, no dude’s going to buy a magazine with a spread of some random girl they want to see naked, unless she’s fucking naked…

No matter who the guy is, they aren’t going to want to see some Vogue type photoshoot of some model they don’t actually care about…

So here are 5 reasons not to buy Playboy’s new magazine, that I am hoping is a total bust and that they go back to nudity like in print, not that I ever bought the magazine, but I just like seeing people, even billion dollar companies fail after stupidity, and spinning it as a PR stunt…

5- Print is dead, even if they did nudity, you’d be able to find all the pics on forums and websites on the internet, so you don’t need to kill trees to read articles about shit you don’t care about…

4- Playboy destroyed their brand using gutter strippers in local markets as their cybergirls, and using gutter strippers Hef wanted to fuck despite looking like clowns for over 15 years…just garbage content…that you didn’t need the last 15 years and won’t need now.

3- Playboy removing nudity from their print magazine, like their website is a business decision for advertisers, and anyone who compromises content people want to see for ad dollars is a whore who must be killed and left in a ditch after washing her off with bleach

2- Playboy was more progressive in the conservative, nuclear family, baby boomer, advent of television, 1950s, and slowly went into trashy 90s / 2000s porn influence, but that doesn’t mean you go in a total opposite direction, rather you gotta go back to your fucking roots…which is nudity…..Playboy paved the way for porn and edginess and fought for nudity in magazines when it was considered obscene, they paid girls lots of money to get naked and are the reason girls get naked for free…making their opportunity to do great nude content golden…just offer girls 100 dollars and boom…amazingness…instead they are going GQ?…ridiculous..

1- Their first Centerfold is Dree Hemingway and she isn’t interesting, she’s been naked for fashion before, so why would you want to see her in some bullshit photoshoot by a bullshit photographer, that will look like everything already on instagram, especially when you’ve seen her tits…

Hef is dead, Playboy is dead…and the joke in ALL of this is that it is owned by Pornhub….who are using it to go mainstream…

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Playboy Has Dropped Nudity from their Magazine After 60 Years of Nudity of the Day


I don’t know why people care that Playboy is pulling nudity from the magazine, like they did with their site, all to secure ad dollars…

We live in a world where every instagram model and aspiring instagram model gets naked for their own “creative” shoots with creeper photographers to post on their tumblr…in efforts to get famous….

Let Playboy get their ad dollars featuring uninteresting girls in “provocative” non-nude ad friendly poses…with schlocky bullshit clickbait articles….or maybe their version of Esquire or Vanity Fair…all while every girl on the internet is getting naked for free…

The mistake or lack of vision for Playboy is that Hef became obsess with blonde hair, big tit girls…well into the 2000s….and instead of it being a fad of the 90s…after the 60s, 70s and even 80s brought erotica…he turned it into his brand…casting strippers everywhere, even creating reality TV as a polygamist with some of the most vile looking women you could get a lap dance from at any small town strip club, but that he managed to bring into his billionaire life to gold dig…turning what could have been an interesting, thought provoking site into gutter shit…

The mistake they made with the website was selling it off to Pornhub, so Pornhub could get funding from a New York hedge fund to buy and finance the billion dollar porn empire….because Pornhub, or as they are now called “Mindgeek”…know how to make flimsy porn content..and not good content..so they just cast any bitch willing to get naked for the website, usually trashy strippers, the kind with Chanel earrings and playboy bunny tattoos who dreamed of being in Playboy…they are all over instagram….

So they had a magazine and website that had nothing to do with each other, the website producing low grade porn you couldn’t jerk off to and shitty internet content…the magazine producing trasy celebrities like Holly Madison, and the other Playboy chicks…with shitty magazine editorial….

But it must be the nudity…

For 50 years…they’ve secured premium ads…but now all of a sudden, in a porn generation….they can’t monetize the magazine because of nudity…

Yet, if you look at the internet, every cute, normal, hipster feminist chick is doing nude shoots for no name photographers for fucking free…like it was Playboy…I have see so many hot, normal hipster girls in random tumblr shoots they post on instagram, that it’s like you don’t even need models anymore…every girl gets naked but it must be the nudity that is killing the Playboy brand…

I just think it’s the cleansing of the internet. You can’t fat shame, even though girls fat shame each other. You can’t body shame, even though girls body shame each other. You can’t be a “Misogynistic” brand because you feature girls in your magazine as the focal point, but you can be a fashion magazine that features girls as the focal point, because the magazine is for women….it’s this fake-feminist movement of girls with bush, and I love bush, who think they are empowered doing abuse porn…but posting a well shot editorial shoot of a celebrity nude is misogyny…

I mean, it’s come to a point where you need to ignore these ignorant “do-gooders” who think they are saving the world with their fake politics…and fake movement…when all they are doing is creating what they think is a stance, or an important movement, that they don’t live by, but like saying because it is good for social media…

The free thinking people, who are comfortable with celebrating women, because free speech…should just keep moving forward and progressing and lets these cunts protest outside head office like the Christian freaks did in the 70s….it’s ok to be controversial, you can’t please everyone…and the second you try to please the younger kids who are scared to be mean to each other..is the second you’ve lost…

What I am saying is the same feminist bitches who hate the misogyny of facebook…are posing naked on the internet in free the nipple campaigns…and advertisers who won’t sponsor good content because of nipples, even though we all have nipples, unless we are breast cancer survivors…should be boycotted…their products not bought…because it is oppressive…

I am not passionate about this, despite all the words I wrote…it took me 4 minutes to shit this out…I just know that I started the site in 2004 and have never sold a mainstream ad because of nipples and instead of not posting nipples, I said fuck the advertisers…I like nipples…and feel calling this site porn, when I have a no dick policy…thus not being porn…blows my mind…

Maybe Playboy doing this will open up the market to some people who don’t give a fuck and take the european approach to tits…and pussy…

My prediction is that Playboy will post nudity again…because we’re all fucking perverts and nudity will alway win….

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Playboy’s Casting Call of the Day

Here’s a video of potential Playboy trash in an interview at a casting call and I am not surprised the bitches it attract are the kind of chick who raises raccoons, because I know Playboy hopefuls from my facebook, and 99% of the time they are strippers with a dream, or bitches with Playboy tattoos on their pussy lips…the kind of girl who finds Playboy branded shit awesome…cuz Playboy is the peak of being a proper whore….and rarely does an actual good looking, decently raised, girl who just likes to model nude run after the shit, cuz they are too busy being good looking and decent to bother.

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Jayde Nicole Still Trying to Get Noticed of the Day

I don’t know what the deal with this trash from Canada is. I know she followed her single-mother’s white trash lead to take her titties to Playboy cuz it pays more and leads to more opportunity than stripping, but as long as she does it when she’s freshly turned 18 so that her youth works for her guaranteeing a spot as most whores only get the confidence to get naked for the world after their other plans in money making have fallen apart and they realize that “it’s now or never”….but instead of staying true to being a bitch who gets naked for money, she started dating some idiot, ended up on a shitty reality shot, and now thinks she’s a fucking TV star, when really she isn’t shit…other than a whore meant to get naked who got diverted…

So when I see the useless cunt showing off a little tit, I like to get the message out that she needs to step up her game and flash some cunt, cuz otherwise no one will notice you in a few months…and this post has been my good deed of the day…helping some trash out when no one else bother noticing her or her cleavage cuz it’s irrelevant anymore…

Pics via Fame

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Playboy Playmate Jenna Bentley in a Bikini With her Client of the Day

Jenna Bentley is an irrelevant stupid lookin fake titty ex-playboy playmate who you’ve never heard of. She is apparently also a hooker…maybe not a street whore kind of hooker I appreciate, but the more subtle type of hooker who dates rich dudes in exchange for the good life, because they couldn’t get there on their own….

The reality is that being in Playboy is the equivalet to having a degree to fake titty sluts, it’s like having a built in retirement plan and guaranteed work, because rich dudes going through a midlife crisis (notice the long hair and tattoos), divorced or recently widowed cuz they are so old have usually done their share of conventional relationships that suck, as well as their share of escorts and hookers that are embarassing to bring out to social events…leaving them with no choice but to look for whores with credentials, cuz when you introduce your hooker as an ex-Playboy model, it’s status amongst the community, like a “I really made it and I’m living the good life” stamp of approval his neighbors envy…Like bitch automatically becomes the socially accepted whore….so when your fake titties have been in Playboy, there’s always a sugar daddy to fall back on….

Here are some stupid staged bikini and public weirdness the dude is loving cuz it makes him feel like he’s still got it, when clearly, there’s other things he’s got that got him this….not that bitch is hot, I actually can’t stand what she looks like, but you get what I am saying…bikini pics are bikini pics…enjoy her strategy to get noticed…that apparently works…cunt has a hold on me…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Jenna Bentley is Some Playboy Model Lookin to Get Noticed of the Day

I don’t understand what is going on in a woman’s mind when she does this to herself or turns herself in this kind of novelty act. I know it has something to do with being raped or molested as a kid, or growing up as the ugly girl who got no male attention, who was always jealous of the girl in the classroom that all the boys wanted cuz she was staked, or maybe she realized that in America, it is just that easy to get herself in Playboy, all it takes is 5,000 dollar tits and a dream….not that being in Playboy really opens any doors for a bitch these days, which probably explains why she’s doing these staged pictures to get noticed….cuz after peaking in Playboy she realizes that she has no idea where to go next….and the whole thing isn’t hot…it’s actually really fucking poverty and desperate as far as I’m concerned….but tits are tits even if they’re stupid looking and in a cheap whore bikini….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Ashley Dupre Does Playboy of the Day

Failed Singer turned High Class Escort with Daddy issues who got caught and finally got the fame she wanted named Ashley Dupre was in Playboy. These are the pics….

My old friend at Animal sent me an email with these pictures of Escort to the politicians in Playboy….

I don’t know why I haven’t been on top of who Playboy is recruiting to get naked for they magazines, pretty much because I am convinced they are going bankrupt and along with Hef dying a slow yet amazing death….or maybe it has more to do with me not giving a fuck about a bottom feeding hooker who thought she was better and more valuable a fuck than she actually was because idiot older men with a ton of money had no problem paying her, so they could cheat on their wives discreetly….

But these pictures delivered, I mean get an eager overpaid “highclass” whore who can’t be a whore anymore thanks to getting busted for being a whore, and who can get much legit work as the singer she always wanted to be, unless you consider writing a Sex Column for the NY POST a legit job…..and offer her money to get naked again, something she loves getting money for, and she performs…

Maybe I’m biased because I have a thing for whore pussy. I don’t care how much money has been exchaged to put a lot of penis inside it, I just like that money was exchanged to put penis inside it cuz it reminds me of the core of women when they ignore their morals and values and worry about what their natural instincts tell them to do….


Thanks again to Animal for the tip….Even though Playboy will hit me up and make me take this shit down fast – so take it all in motherfuckers…

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Candace Rae Does Playboy of the Day

I have always wanted to walk into one of the many stripclubs I have been to over the course of my life, and run into someone I know. I’ve thought it’d be so funny to get a lapdance from random people in my past whose life didn’t work out as planned and brought them to giving me lap dances for 10 dollars a song. I thought it’d be funny if it was girls who may have worked at a store I used to go to, or someone from the church group that used to give us warm soup in the park, maybe someone prude who used to judge me for being a pervert, an ex girlfriend or one of the hot girls from school who didn’t give me the time of day, because they had this false sense of talent, before reality set in. It hasn’t happened yet, but a girl I know did do Playboy and her pictures came out today.

Her name is Candace Rae , she is my friend, and she’s finally got naked for me and the rest of the world to jerk off to. I am posting this to encourage her to get more naked for me when we hang out, because it took Playboy to actually get those panties off after at least a year of ignoring my constant requests….

So give her some love cuz she’s on my team…

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Jayde Nicole is Trash That’s Made It of the Day

Jayde Nicole is the postergirl for the high school slut from a poor single home who doesn’t really want to become a stripper because she thinks it is beneath her but doesn’t mind getting naked because vagina has been her number one tool to get things she wants whether from teachers, rich older men in the small town they are from, bosses at the Walmart they work at, or drug dealing boyfriends who buy them all the fancy Ed Hardy they want, before realizing that Hollywood is where the real money is, so sticking in her shitty small town in Canada is a stupid strategy to get in a place where she can buy all the tacky shit she always wanted, at all the stores all the tacky Hollywood bitches she envied used to shop, so she takes some nude pics, sends them to Playboy and next thing you know, bitch is on MTV and shopping at Kitson instead of the shitty sex store in her hometown and the whole thing is like a fucking fairytale…a really boring fairytale that I wish ended in gangrape.

Here she is wearing a onsie like she was still that 8 year old in Canada too poor to get new pajamas that fit her…too poor to have a bed, forced to squeeze into a crib and play with old dirty rocks she found in the cemetary she lived next doo to..only a lot cheesier….

Pics via PacificCoastNews
Pics via LFI

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Tara Reid’s Serious Bottom Feeding of the Day

I am surprised Tara Reid’s still alive, I just assumed she died decades ago, but instead she’s making an appearance showing off her botched fake tits we have all already seen during her fall from her peak, which really isn’t news, considering she’s really irrelevant and has been for at least 5 years and at her level of fame you’d expect her publicity stunt to involve sucking dick on camera or at least flashing some fucking cunt.

Playboy will ask me to take these down…cuz they love suing people like me….even though they send me emails every week asking me to promote their bullshit…that’s called a one-sided relationship, someone needs to teach them to share, if they did maybe they wouldn’t be going bankrupt…

I assume Lohan is next on their target list.

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