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Gutter Bitch Uses HIV to Get Revenge on her Baby Daddy of the Day

This is what’s wrong with America, or at least Jacksonville Florida and that’s that people are uneducated, poor, gutter trash. This story is straight out of the fucking projects…

In this clip you will here some bitch from the project who hates her baby daddy so much, for whatever reason, that I can only assume is probably not that big of a deal, so she got her friend who she knew was HIV positive to sleep with him…she set the fucker up and called it into the radio show because I guess she thought it was a good idea, but that shit is beyond fucking gutter, it’s insanity and the scariest thing about all this is that there’s a kid involved, proving that some people need to have their uterus removed and not just any trash should be able to reproduce, they need to issue licenses for that shit….


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Kat Von D Shoes Off Her Slummy Body of the Day

I don’t really like slummy pussy, it’s really not my favorite kind of pussy, but since I pretty much like all pussy, I figured I shouldn’t desciminate a bitch showing off her shitty body just because she looks like the bathroom wall of a truck stop to advertise that her daddy didn’t hug her enough growing up, so she trying to fill the void….

Sure she pretty much turned herself into what looks like a notepad after a boring class or meeting, filled with irrelevant doodles and words you would never frame and put on your wall. But since I’ve had my fair share of slummy pussy cuz slummy pussy is usually the easiest pussy to pay to fuck, so I’m used to this kind of mess since slummy pussy always comes with a little more than you really want, whether it’s rashes, smells or ghetto tattoos,…

So here’s Kat Von D showin’ of her beer belly and ugly tats you probably like cuz you have no taste.

Pics via Fame

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Pam Anderson Does a Ghetto In-Store Event of the Day

I guess it’s a testament to where your career has gone or ended up when you are doing in-store appreances at the local Sears in Schaumberg, Illinois. Seriously, that’s where Pam Anderson is in these pictures and I think that booking translates into “time to give the fuck up”. Slip out of the tight dress, accept that just cuz your tits are 20 years old doesn’t mean you are and give the fuck up. Seriously, she needs to donate her tits to science to see how the implants age into their 30s and 40s while the rest of her slowly dies of Hep…or I guess she can keep on doing the Sears tour until she kills herself because after a few of these anyone in their right mind would kill themselves…

Pics via Fame

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This Just In: Riot at Chuck E. Cheese of the Day

This shit is PROJECTS. PROJECTS is what I call ghetto cuz she’s straight from government subsidized homes….and in the defense of these brawlers in Chuck E. Cheese, it’s better to fight in from of the kids than fuck in front of the kids to make money to pay rent even if both are in their futures, one is just more socially acceptable.

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Jayde Nicole is Some Canadian Trash of the Day

I saw Brody Jenner once. I think he was 5 foot 4. I walked by him at some event where he was surrounded by pussy throwing itself at him. I’m talking the party was 20 chicks for every dude, and although leaving alone, it would have been a great opportunity for dudes chicks actually wanna fuck, and not creepy old fucks who have no business at Brody Jenner parties. Anyway, this is the pussy he pretends is his only pussy, she’s some Playboy trash from Canada and when I say trash, I mean serious trash, like her single mom is a cocktail waitress and hooters or a stripclub so that she can afford the fake Chanel so people don’t realize they live in a fuckin’ trailer, who taught her daughter the value of of getting naked for money, and is now lovin’ all the perks that come with it, like now they can finally wear real Chanel, or some shit…and here is Brody Jenner missing a perfectly good opportunity to end all the trash and throw the cunt down the fuckin stairs “accidentally”, in hopes she Natasha Richardsons’ or Christopher Reeves’, leaving him free from the welfare headaches, but unfortunately that storyline isn’t written into the script for The Hills….

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Keepin’ Shit Classy in the Ghetto of the Day

I hate when people say that shit in the ghetto isn’t classy. Just because people are poor and strugglin’ doesn’t mean they don’t know how to be examples to society. I think this video will prove all the haters wrong and remind us that the real hell is the suburbs.

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Amy Winehouse Buys Some Dude a Burger of the Day

Someone sent me this video the other day of Amy Winehouse getting drive thru. I think she offers to buy him a cheeseburger but I lost interest in watching this shit when I saw her kissing people with food in her mouth and felt like throwing the fuck up. I don’t find Amy Winehouse as disgusting as everyone else, she’s skinny, she’s talented but she’s got some disgusting hygiene issues and a mouth that scares me and that throws off her potential horse-headed hotness. The dreams of coming home and being greeted by this kind of monster don’t really exist for me, but a life with her would be a lot more fun than the life I currently live, even if it would be substantially shorter because I’d probably die of an overdose trying to keep up with this garbage can, because I’d probably have to be really fuckin’ high to get past the smell of rotting meat pouring out of her orifices….a smell I am not unused to, but one I try not to expose myself to nevertheless.

Either way, here she is answering her door in her bra because she’s pretty fucking amazing.

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