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Romantic DirectTV Employee of the Month of the Day

You know the cable guys doesn’t get paid very much, but he does get to spend his days in other people’s houses, you know their most intimate setting possible and after a long time of doing that, you start to feel comfortable in other people’s space…slowly helping yourself to food in the fridge, using the bathroom, reading their magazines, even kickin’ back on the couch and watching the game, or sticking your face in their laundry basket and stealing a couple of pairs of panties. The whole job is designed to put you face to face with hot pussy, sometimes they are the daughters of the people you are doing the installation for, sometimes the young college girl just starting out on her own, sometimes the girl with no bra in her chillin’ clothes, sometimes the exhibitionist who leaves the bathroom door open….sometimes someone you want to see again because they are just so hot you can’t get the thought of them out of your head and you luckily know their address….

So you can’t blame dude for trying to get romantic with this girl, sure his game is a little weak, maybe he shoulda tried to wine and dine her on his shitty salary, cuz taking what he wants when he wants it can come across as assault, but if he had bad intentions, would he really have used a condom…come on, lighten the fuck up woman, so you got fucked aggressively, it happens, in fact most women fantasize about this shit, so consider yourself lucky you got to experience and you don’t even have to take Plan B, get an abortion or even STD tests….

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