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Roman Polanski’s Bullshit Accuser of the Day

So this bitch, who I am not going to bother naming because I know she is up on this accusing Roman Polanski for raping her just to get noticed. I am not saying that they never fucked, I am just saying that at 42, bringing out something from when she was 16, is pretty fucking suspect….

Not to mention that these are pictures of her at 18 and I think it’s pretty obvious this busty whore was a Lolita who seduced the motherfucker, or who may have even been in a relationship with Polanski, but 30 years later, decides that shit affected her on an emotional level….she needs to stop worrying about who fucked her and should focus on going and fucking herself. I hate these crybaby whores…

16 is legal where I am from and as a man who has had sex with a 16 year old, it is pretty obvious that they know exactly what they are doing, how to do it, where to do it, and I don’t ever ask why they do it, I just know that I was never their first, because the kind of girl who fucks older men when they are teenagers, is the kind of girl who has fucked before and likes fucking….

I highly doubt Polanski had to put much manipulation or trickery to get this shit’s cunt, but have a feeling she did then what she is doing now, which is clearly anything that will get her famous, noticed, or work.

I hate bitches like this.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Getting Kicked Off of Dancing With the Stars Turns People into Rapists of the Day

I wasn’t going to bother writing about this because I don’t give a fuck about sports, ex athletes turned drug addicts turned Dancing with the Stars contestents turned child rapists. But then I figured I could try to use my huge influence on America and somehow spin this story into directing the blame on Dancing with the Stars so that they get arrested for raping a 15 year old, so that they get shut the fuck down and all the bottom feeding trash stop using them as a desperate attempt to get their useless, failed asses on a hugely successful show…hoping for a revival of sorts…I mean except for Lawrence Taylor who went to rape a 15 year old in a fucking hotel like an idiot who if he just came up to Canada could have got away with the shit since 14 is legal and french chicks are fucking whores who know their pussies are made for fucking at a young age…but instead decided to do it where it’s illegal with a girl who obviously wants to cash in because at 15 they are smart enough to monetize on the shit knowing the world will take their side…I know how this shit works all too well and that’s why I always advise people to stick with raping girls who are over 18…who are down on their luck and who have little self-worth but do have a hugely damaged soul that hasn’t left them bright eyed and aware about how they are going to make this make them famous, but instead just take it cuz they think they deserve it….if you know what I mean.

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Seduction Strategy of the Day

I am a firm believer in the terminally ill patients, elderly women at the old folks home, Crippled people, Retards and people in comas being the best people to look for when it comes to getting sex, mainly because most of them appreciate the attention and miss getting fucked, or are too weak or half dead to tell you otherwise or fight you off….but apparently this woman wasn’t so happy for her surprise bedroom guest, but that’s probably because she’s one of those religious types, who doesn’t realize if there was a God he probably wouldn’t have given her COPD, and she probably shoulda taken the stranger cock for the sheer excitement of new cock while having a solid excuse for her husband to not call her a cheater and leave her in her final days.

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Rape Play Video Game of the Day

You geek gamers probably already know about Rape Play, you’ve probably already got all the cheat codes and have finished the shit, but I love this shit, I’ve heard about it the last month and the concept is genius but not as genius as this Fox Report with a psychologist trying to ruin our fucking fun by saying that Raping our boss who fired us is gonna taint us, and my expert opinion is that the bitch needs to get raped, seriously she’s so uptight and serious with all her theories about how this shit is going to turn us into school shooters, when really the worst I see happening is that you end up teaching your boss a fucking lesson for not following traditional gender roles, where we’re the fucking boss….here’s a better video with some more footage of it that I hope sells you on the shit and gets you downloading it….

All I gotta say is let Japan be fuckign Japanese, what the fuck do we know about their culture to say shit is wrong according to our Christian bullshit philosophy…Fuck off America.

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Romantic DirectTV Employee of the Month of the Day

You know the cable guys doesn’t get paid very much, but he does get to spend his days in other people’s houses, you know their most intimate setting possible and after a long time of doing that, you start to feel comfortable in other people’s space…slowly helping yourself to food in the fridge, using the bathroom, reading their magazines, even kickin’ back on the couch and watching the game, or sticking your face in their laundry basket and stealing a couple of pairs of panties. The whole job is designed to put you face to face with hot pussy, sometimes they are the daughters of the people you are doing the installation for, sometimes the young college girl just starting out on her own, sometimes the girl with no bra in her chillin’ clothes, sometimes the exhibitionist who leaves the bathroom door open….sometimes someone you want to see again because they are just so hot you can’t get the thought of them out of your head and you luckily know their address….

So you can’t blame dude for trying to get romantic with this girl, sure his game is a little weak, maybe he shoulda tried to wine and dine her on his shitty salary, cuz taking what he wants when he wants it can come across as assault, but if he had bad intentions, would he really have used a condom…come on, lighten the fuck up woman, so you got fucked aggressively, it happens, in fact most women fantasize about this shit, so consider yourself lucky you got to experience and you don’t even have to take Plan B, get an abortion or even STD tests….

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Cop Assualts his Twin Brother’s Girlfriend of the Day

I love this story of a twin brother doin’ the old “switcharoo” with his brother’s girlfriend, pretty much a reason why we’ve all wanted to be twins at least once in our lives, that and the fact that being a twin allows you to fuck yourself and not be considered gay, but masturbation but that’s a whole other perk I don’t really feel like getting into and will just save for the Good Charlotte sisters to tell you about in their memoirs….or for the other twin in this story to tell you all about because he’s got a cowboy tattooed on his ass making he question why he had a girlfriend in the first place….

I love that this girl is complaining about the whole thing like the second she found out the guy she was seeing had a twin she didn’t want to get gangbanged by both of them at the same time, you know always wondering if they really are exactly the same, I know if I was dating twins, that’d be my biggest concern, hell, if I was dating someone with a sister that’d be my biggest concern, hell, if I was dating someone with female friends or teenage stepdaughters or even a decent looking grandmother that’d be my biggest concern.

We all know she seduced this cop into fucking her and now she feels guilty about the whole thing and doesn’t want the other brother to dump her since this one wasn’t as good as him and so she cried rape and I am just as fuckin’ confused as you are in trying to decipher what I was trying to say in the last run-on sentence in this post..

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Grandma Rape Story of the Day

Some grandmother in detroit is accusing her grandson of raping her. She is 47 years old, so it is safe to say that she’s a piece of fucking trash, because to have a grandson old enough to rape you, means he comes from a lineage of sluts who get knocked up at 16, so instead of complaining, she should just accept her fuckin’ fate, because it is the life she made for herself, and appreciate the dick inside her that she loves so much because dick got her in this mess to begin with and if anything try to get knocked up, because bitch still hasn’t hit menopause and trashy families love incest. Wht it all comes down to is that this give a whole new meaning to “My grandma’s got the best tasting cookie”…..

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Some Dude Gets His Wife Raped of the Day

Some husband arranged to get his wife raped because it was his fantasy to see a man break into his house and have his wife sexually assaulted. That is some pretty sick shit. He put responded some shit out on Craigslist because it is a place where you can make anything happen, no how weird shit is and I had to post the video as a how to not go about it for those of you who want to see your wives raped….while I just want mine to die of natural causes and that’s not a sexual thing for me, just a matter of convenience…and freedom this hell I am living, this prison sentence that shows no sign of easing up, no matter how much bitch eats…

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Molly Sims and Her Post Anal Rape Walk of the Day

If you’re wondering what’s happened to Molly Sims, I got this exclusive, that she’s been out getting prison raped by random large penised men, and now she can’t seem to manage to stand-up straight, cuz they got her good.

Yeah, I didn’t actually get that exclusive, but I do always wonder why gay men always have such good posture and pursed lips, you know all rigid and put together, when they take it up the ass, I know that my wife stuck her finger in my ass once and I walked with a limp for a week. Sure she’s got fat fingers and I resisted, but you get what I’m saying here, or you don’t.

I guess you’re no even reading this and onto the pictures. I’ve lost my edge. Let’s go skiing.

Here’s the video….

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Some Rape Victim Turns to Youtube For Help of the Day

Some 16 year old girl from Florida was raped by some 23 year old who got off and she turned to Youtube to get exposure because she felt like she had no where to go. I have never officially raped a girl but I know that rape fucks people up for life. It turns girls into penis hating lesbians, it makes them really hard girls to date and all that emotional damage is pretty understandable. Watching this shit is pretty painful if you have a soul and if you are wondering why I am posting it, it’s because I feel like some of you are desperate enough for sex to go out and violate and I figure that this should leave a little impact as to why you should just flush your Roofies down the toilet because the few minutes it takes you to get off in your sick way can ruin a person’s life. Either way, I call fake on this shit, she’s probably just trying to get back at her boyfriend who cheated on her or some guy who fucked her and never called her back for seconds…

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I am – Jannel Syzyska Story Set Straight of the Day


So I posted about some Girls Gone Wild bitch who claimed she was a virgin and that Joe Francis raped her a long time ago. The post can be found HERE , ignore all the spam in my comments…it happens.

Anyway, I was checking my email and I got some inside scoop on the slut that I felt like I needed to post. I can only assume it’s her friend trying to get more buzz going about her in hopes of landing a porn video gig or a penthouse magazine spread, but I’ll still post it because I never get any scoop and when I do, it makes me feel like a real media company….and sometimes pretending you’re not a waste of internet space is a good thing….

So, I just recently came across an article in the L.A. times about Jannel Syzyska, and about how Joe Francis “raped her”.

I used to be pretty good friends with Jannel, (in the early pre-whore days – seventh grade to be exact.) but when an unfortunate incident involving her and her friend Kaitlyn stealing my underwear occurred, we lost touch, so to say.

Then last year, one of my friends became close friends with Jannel, and I started showing up to parties that she happened to be at and so on..

So Jannel and I got kind of close again, and she revealed to me everything about her, one tidbit being that she had lost her virginity in April to some guy she doesn’t even remember. And she revealed that she did not want to have sex with anybody for a long time because of the fact that she had had sex with quite a few guys since then…

So when I finally did come across this yesterday, I was shocked. I’ve lost touch with her since the beginning of last June.. but in November of last year I had seen her a few times through a mutual friend.. and she had told me that she “went on girls gone wild and masturbated for the camera.” However, she said that she had HAD SEX with Joe Francis, not that he “raped her.”

I know I’m quite late on a story like this.. but I figured I would set the record straight (as if it hadn’t been set straight enough) that she did have sex with him, he did not rape her, and she was not a virgin.

I had no idea that she was all over the internet with her “rape story” or I would have definitely set that straight sooner.

Yes, Joe Francis isn’t the epitomy of class and charm.. but I’m sure he has the opportunity to have sex with much better looking girls without forcing them. So why he would even force sex onto someone like Jannel is baffling.

I don’t know why I felt compelled to write you this e-mail when it was so long ago, and you probably won’t read or respond really, but that enrages me that she would seek fame that much to make up stories.

Thanks for your time and sorry to rant, but I just had to.

All that to say…who really gives a fuck…Cuddles.

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