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Seduction Strategy of the Day

I am a firm believer in the terminally ill patients, elderly women at the old folks home, Crippled people, Retards and people in comas being the best people to look for when it comes to getting sex, mainly because most of them appreciate the attention and miss getting fucked, or are too weak or half dead to tell you otherwise or fight you off….but apparently this woman wasn’t so happy for her surprise bedroom guest, but that’s probably because she’s one of those religious types, who doesn’t realize if there was a God he probably wouldn’t have given her COPD, and she probably shoulda taken the stranger cock for the sheer excitement of new cock while having a solid excuse for her husband to not call her a cheater and leave her in her final days.

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Sophie Monk is a Cripple of the Day

Sophie Monk was in car accident, I didn’t know, cuz she doesn’t matter, especially since her big constantly cameltoed no matter how thick her pants are vagina was in an accident too, thanks to her ex-future-husband’s wandering dick that went for a swim in Paris Hilton’s herpe-ridden sewage pipe of a vagina, only to taint Sophie Monk and her big vagina, not that herpes have ever stopped me before, but it’s always nice to remind everyone before they jerk off to her newest festish pics, which are of her bruised up, beat up, near death, crippled body that’s easy to rape cuz it can’t run the fuck away.

Bonus – Here’s about as close as I can get to where her pubic hair should be if she didn’t murder it, like Benji Madden murdered her vagina…I guess it’s nice to see she’s not letting that stop her…

Pics via Fame

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Brooke Shields on Crutches of the Day

Here are some pictures of Brooke Shields Leaving the hospital on crutches, I guess her legs finally gave-out from the weight of her testicles.

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