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YouTube Lesbian Video of the Day

I just randomly landed on this video and thought it was some kind of amazingness that not enough people have seen.

Sure seeing young bitches make out is played out and obvious, but it never gets boring, especially when the dude is listening to random shitty music that I can’t imagine anyone ever really being into, and makes genius commentary like “If I was a bitch, I’d be lesbian” in some white trash gutter trailer park accent that would scare me if I heard it tell me to drop my pants in a back alley…

If anything this just reminds me that there are so many YouTube videos that I would want to watch but shit is hiding on their site…

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Personal Ad From Mr Crazy to Start the Week of the Day

This guy is probably one of you. Happy Easter. Welcome back Jesus, that’s me talking to myself because I was fucking sick all weekend, in bed, dying and hating my life. Unlike this guy who’s got it goin’ on. All the single ladies, find him and hit him up, I think he’s a fuckin’ catch.

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Top 10 Girls Mooning on Youtube of the Day

I am slow moving today. Sometimes when I drink, I get inspired and other times when I drink, I turn into a fucking retarded kid who finds entertainment in rockin’ back and forth and who can’t seem to manage to muster up a sentence because my brain’s fucking broke. What I do know is that there was no real adventures last night, the only thing that happened other than trying to save a girl convulsing on the dance floor with my dick is that 3 of my friends and by friends I mean people I know, told me I am balding. Fat, Bald and Ethnic, what more could a girl want…maybe a small penis…well I got one of those too.

I compiled this list of Top 10 Mooning Videos I found on Youtube last weekend and never posted it. I also have a short attention span so only got 6 videos, but that’s gonna be good enough, because settling for last place and half assed posts is what I do.

So these are definitely not the top videos out there, just the first ones I found, and you will watch them.

Some Girl’s Bare Ass Being Shown to the World on Youtube

Some Girl Mooning the Camera From Afar…

Chip in Her Ass….

Moonin’ In the Car Like It Should Be Done

Girl Running Down the Street Mooning…

One out of Four Ain’t That Bad…..

A Bare Ass in Pantyhose is a Bare Ass To Me….

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Youtube Video of the Day

His name is: beebee890.
His Youtube Channel description is: me talking doing little blogs can crashes my just being me .
His interests: i like you tube.
His location: United States.
His psychological evaluation: He’s not crazy, he’s just retarded.

You gotta give youtube some credit, they’ve made a place where the local weirdo no one talks to can get an audience bigger than the one he’s used to at local public places he usually has his fits in. It’s taken focus off the real celebrities and allowed people with no shame to be known and laughed at by the world. I don’t really know if that’s a good thing, because I can only assume it leads to suicide, but it seems to make me and the rest of the world laugh at other people’s expense, without them actually knowing it, guilt-free, so instead of clenching our purses and crossing the street, we can see their episodes on repeat and even send them to our friends.

To See the Rest of His 1600 Videos

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Youtube Video of the Day

This is an old video of a girl with a mesh top and nipple tape riding a pool toy was just sent to me, and since I know some of you have some obscure fetishes, I figured I’d post it. This may not be as exciting for you as the times you hang outside the local pool watching the preschool kids on their water noodles and arm floaties, but it’s a little more legal, a lot less creepy, and not going to ghet you locked up and killed like you deserve, despite still managing to be pretty fucking weird.

Bonus – Another Pool Toy Hump

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Featured YouTube Video to Start the Day of the Day

This YouTube video was featured today and I thought it was a good inspiring way to start the day, but that’s just because anytime I see socially awkward greasy losers doing stunts, I feel inspired. It’s actually the reason I write this website, because I know that somewhere out there, a greasy fat socially awkward loser is reading this, only you probably aren’t getting a ton of view on YouTube, but are just generating a lot of views on YouTube for lack of better things to do, because let’s face it, your phone isn’t ringing off the hook by people who are dying to spend time with you.

The highlight of the video is that he posts his Busking date and time and I hope one of you takes some initiative and goes to this event to document what kind of people go to watch people busk after seeing them on YouTube, it’s not like you have anything better to do and I think the fresh air will do you some good. When you’re done, please send me the footage, because I’ll likely be drunk in a ditch after spending the night harassing girls who won’t sleep with me and not on a plane to the UK to experience this legendary event.

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YouTube Lapdance Video of the Day

Someone sent me this video of some Halloween or Lingerie party that went down over a year ago, where a couple sluts decided to have some kind of lap dance competition for a room full of virgins. I found the video hot, because the only parties I get invited usually don’t have this kind of excitement going on, and the Van Wilder gets all jacked up, like seeing two girls in a club touch tongues, prior to ever hearing that Katy Perry song that ruined that for me and it is a reminder of all that I have missed out on over the years and that reminder is part of what keeps me miserable and that misery is part of what keeps me writing this site, so in a lot of ways, this shit is inspiring to me and that’s why I felt the need to share it with you.

Via DisgracefulAndSexy

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Youtube Mainpage Video of the Day

I hate fart jokes a lot, I find them the elementary school answer to a cheap joke, and the truth is when someone farts around me the smell offends me just enough to not laugh. I was at a bar last night and went to take a piss, and I don’t really know what the fuck happened, but the whole area smelled disgusting. There was no one in the bathroom, just some prick who has something seriously wrong with his insides and since my nose is fucked and I am forced to be a mouth breather, I don’t generally notice these kinds of things, excet last night, I tasted it.

Either way, fart jokes annoy me, people farting is disgusting, even if everyone does it, it doesn’t make it right, despite what some girl I once dated for about 2 weeks used to try to convince me when she’d fart after sex, true story. So when I saw this video on Youtube’s mainpage called Je’Rid’s Sexy Farts I felt the need to post it beause the editor’s at YouTube are idiots.

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Mainpage Youtube Video of the Day

To avoid the paparazzi, who are seriously tying to bring me down these days, I am going back to some features I used to do. One of them is the mainpage Youtube video of the day, where I find a video on the mainpage of Youtube that doesn’t deserve to be there, only today, when I got to the site, I saw a video that I was happy to see there.

I constantly get in fights with friends, family and pretty much everyone about being a hater. They tell me that I am cynical and unfunny and have no business judging other people’s work, because I haven’t proved myself to be any better. Yesterday, my stepdaughter brought me a video about guys singing a song about Canada and I turned it off 5 seconds in because I knew it was garbage. Last week, I went to an independent movie with my wife that was supposed to be really funny and I didn’t laugh once. So being a joke snob and not finding anything worthwhile is pretty much a downer for me and for the people around me.

What they don’t realize, is that I find concepts weak, I find execution weak and that’s really the only reason I don’t laugh. If shit was thought out and produced well, I probably would be laughing like an idiot like they are, but I can’t see past the flaws.

That’s why, I was excited to see a video by a friend of mine, who isn’t actually a friend, but someone I link to and who I am trying to help bring up his own site, because I think dudes got a good angle, has interesting things to say and has the potential of blowing his project out of the water, leaving his past project, Vice Magazine in the dust, because over the years, I have hated 90 percent of what Vice does, but the stuff that this dude produced is what carried the magazine. He was the real brain behind it and all the good stuff that came out of that magazine were from him.

So this is a video/mockumentary done by him and I think the concept is amazing, I think the delivery’s good and I think it’s worth watching, so fuck you to all the people hating on me for hating, because I am down with some things, sometimes, if they are good. Now watch it.

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Scientology and Scientologists are fuckin crazy….of the Day

I got this email…

Peaceful protesters met to organize before the protest at Katie Holmes’ new broadway show All My Sons only to find a THRONG of Scientologists handing out weird, creepy flyers with the names, places of residence and pictures of Anonymous protesters on them.  Holy Xenu!  One older man followed the Guy-Fawkes-masked group of 20-somethings to Katie’s theater all the while screaming “THIS WAY TO YOUR MEDICATION!  FOLLOW ME FOR PROZAC!” over and over.  New York Police had to step in to ask him to move along, and then again later when another man tried to instigate a fight among the protesters.  Overall, though, things went off peacefully. You can see video of the weird and creepy behavior here:

And I am postin the video, even though it is pretty dull, cuz Scientology and Scientologists are fuckin crazy….and so are the people who waste their time protesting it, even if this video is too boring to do both their craziness justice….

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