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Scientology Protesters Rain on Tom Cruises Gay Nazi Parade of the Day

I don’t understand people who protest Scientology. Sure shit may be weird, I mean I never really bothered trying to figure out what it’s all about, what I do know is that it’s something weird, rich, celebrities attach themselves to, so it’s obviously something that insecure egos would attach themselves to. What I do know is that shit involves spirituality and living forever, something I am sure any ego would be drawn to and that it was turned into a religion in the ’50s to avoid paying income tax. I am sure the dude who founded this thing based on a concept that came to him when writing a book is laughing at how much money he has scammed out of these desperate people over the years, but I don’t really get why anyone would care who worships what, or whether Tom Cruise is sitting in his mansion preying to Jesus Christ or sitting in his basement building a fucking spaceship. We all need something to believe in and going out to premieres to let the world know that you think this Scientology shit is bad, is even more desperate as being a fucking Scientologist….

I don’t know why I am posting this, but it’s already written so it’s stayin…

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Scientology and Scientologists are fuckin crazy….of the Day

I got this email…

Peaceful protesters met to organize before the protest at Katie Holmes’ new broadway show All My Sons only to find a THRONG of Scientologists handing out weird, creepy flyers with the names, places of residence and pictures of Anonymous protesters on them.  Holy Xenu!  One older man followed the Guy-Fawkes-masked group of 20-somethings to Katie’s theater all the while screaming “THIS WAY TO YOUR MEDICATION!  FOLLOW ME FOR PROZAC!” over and over.  New York Police had to step in to ask him to move along, and then again later when another man tried to instigate a fight among the protesters.  Overall, though, things went off peacefully. You can see video of the weird and creepy behavior here:

And I am postin the video, even though it is pretty dull, cuz Scientology and Scientologists are fuckin crazy….and so are the people who waste their time protesting it, even if this video is too boring to do both their craziness justice….

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