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Tom Cruise Does the Weeknd on Tonight Show of the Day

I hate Jimmy Fallon, and I assume that everyone with a brain, that leaves out probably 90 percent of America who watch Jimmy Fallon, becasue his schoolyard games speak to their retard brains, I mean these are the people who still watch cable…or Network Television..I guess they exist..

However, I don’t mind when Tom Cruise plays along with the bullshit when he’s trying to get attention to some billion dollar movie he’s going to make 100s of millions of dollars on….it’s both funny what these people will do for money, and charismatic, because Tom Cruise is just one of those actors who lights up a room in his Cult living, possibly cult leading, famous as fuck, ways….

I guess what I’m saying is that I like the caricature that Tom Cruise is…I mean is he human….in his amazing…or does he just not give a fuck…or is he just a calculated and intense celebrity…

What I I can’t stand is Jimmy Fallon, giggling to himself in shock that his life has brought him here, lip synching with celebs, becuase it is so absurd, and his trolling on us works, or he’s really just enjoying himself in his school yard made for adults retardness you’d probably beat up if he suggested any of these things at your house when hanging…it’s like “Don’t invite Jimmy to the dinner party, that guy’s the worst and will make us play his spin on games, like Pin the Tail on the Donatella Verscae, instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, because his comedy is sophisticated like that”…

Either way, this has been too much analysis on Jimmy and the fact that he’s just too fucking excitable….I mean his name is fucking Jimmy…and that takes away from Tom Cruise’s level of awesome.

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Proof Tom Cruise Isn’t Gay of the Day

I think this is pretty solid proof Tom Cruise is not gay.

I mean I’ve heard rumors from people I know, I’m talking private pilots and old fags a like, totally unrelated with details of his gay adventures to montreal….but after looking at this pic, I’m like this 50 year old is so straight, he’s just promoting a Glam Rock movie he’s in, he’s not skinny for Freddy Mercury HIV reasons, even if her was, that’s only the Gay disease in the 80s, plenty of straight Africans and needle sharers in America have it too….and come on there’s a girl with her hands down his pants and he’s not hard…real men don’t get hard in photoshoots…it is unprofessional….unless in Tom Cruises case the photoshoot involves mud wrestling twinks….

Either way, gay or not, this pic of Tom Cruise is bad….and hysterical….especially for any dudes who had Top Gun posters on your bedroom wall growing up….you gang of queers.

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Tom Cruise Dance Battle is the Viral Video of the Day

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And they say he’s not gay….the last time I saw two guys dance like this, the night ended with a fist in his ass and an HIV positive test result 4-6 weeks later. Maybe we should look at the humor in all this…maybe Cruise is just a fun guy who likes to have a good time and this is nothing to do with flirting or courting another man in some animal planet like nature dance….and all those gay rumors are just from haters who are jealous of his 5 foot 6 frame…and fame….just watch the video….

That said, I hate TMZ, but I’ll use their video.

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Hit the Beach in Rio of the Day

So I came across these pictures and this was the caption attached:

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes take daughter Suri to the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After leaving their posh hotel in a four-car convoy amid heavy security they entered a Brazilian military base and hit a beach within the residential area of the compound. There they played in the sand

A military base that was so secure the paparazzi could get in and get these intimate shots, I call staged bullshit on this motherfucker. Everyone knows that when Tom Cruise goes to Rio, Katie Holmes is not invited because that’s “Daddy gets fucked up the ass by tranny time”.

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Scientology Protesters Rain on Tom Cruises Gay Nazi Parade of the Day

I don’t understand people who protest Scientology. Sure shit may be weird, I mean I never really bothered trying to figure out what it’s all about, what I do know is that it’s something weird, rich, celebrities attach themselves to, so it’s obviously something that insecure egos would attach themselves to. What I do know is that shit involves spirituality and living forever, something I am sure any ego would be drawn to and that it was turned into a religion in the ’50s to avoid paying income tax. I am sure the dude who founded this thing based on a concept that came to him when writing a book is laughing at how much money he has scammed out of these desperate people over the years, but I don’t really get why anyone would care who worships what, or whether Tom Cruise is sitting in his mansion preying to Jesus Christ or sitting in his basement building a fucking spaceship. We all need something to believe in and going out to premieres to let the world know that you think this Scientology shit is bad, is even more desperate as being a fucking Scientologist….

I don’t know why I am posting this, but it’s already written so it’s stayin…

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