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Some Twins in Bikinis Trying To Get Attention in the UK of the Day

A set of Twins in the UK, who I guess were doing a publicity stunt or a contest for Zoo magazine, showed up to X-Factor with some posters trying to get noticed and I guess it worked because I don’t give a fuck about X-Factor and I really don’t even give a fuck about these tacky bitches, despite how easy they obviously are, proven by their trashy slut hairstyle, probably because my Twin-fetish dried up with all the posts I’ve done on the Good Charlotte Sisters……they’ve ruined twin sex for me, but I am posting the pics anyway…maybe Zoo will return the favor and put me on the cover of their magazine….ideally in a bikini, its a fetish….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Girls Painted Green for DJ AM of the Day

I am not sure if you know this, but DJ AM is a geek, just a geek who has managed to make a career out of the shit he geek’s on. That’s not too shocking, because pretty much every single DJ I’ve met over the years has been a geek, you have to be to know all the songs to play, to sit at turntables hour after hour learning how to scratch or mix or whatever the fuck they do, all fueled by them being tired of being the loser in the back of the club, and wanting to be the star of the fucking show, because girls flock to the star of the show, whether it’s a local guy at a rockbar or one of these superstar motherfuckers, because girls are competitive and want to be the woman next to the man who all the other women want or at least the man who’s the center of attention, because they want to be the center of attention, even if the guy’s a fucking geek. It’s some crazy shit that makes no sense to me.

What does make sense to me though, is that DJ AM, would use his club as a place to promote the New Star Trek movie, not only because he’s a Jew who likes gettin’ paid, but because he has spent many lonely nights before he became a millionaire success story, jerking off to green skinned bitches, because Star Trek was his favorite show and these bitches put out.

That said, you are probably a Star Trek kinda guy, so I figured you’d like seeing this girls who moved to LA to be the next Tara Reid, trying to work their way/sleep their way to a real job, but forced to take these low level jobs to pay there rent. I hear they’ll be at Costco next week handing out toilet paper samples. Watch out for it


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Girls Have a Pissing in Pants Competition of the Day

I saw this on Youtube the other day and didn’t think to post it because I was too busy trying to crop and upload pictures of some usesless celebrity vagina that people seem to care about, but shouldn’t, especially when this kind of fucking amazingness happens in everyday life.

I don’t know why we fixate ourselves on famous people, or why people are drawn to them, after doing this site they all seem pretty fucking boring, fabricated, vapid and useless. Everything they do is staged, they make too much fucking money and people give them way too much positive reinforcement that distorts their reality into thinking they matter while really they don’t do anything of substance with their money or celebrity for the world. They are pigs….

But not the kind of pigs that matter, because if they really mattered then they would hold celebrity pant pissing contests and documented that shit for the world to see, probably never, because of cocksucker PR people and bullshit images to maintain to make the church happy, but that is the reason why you all gotta seperate yourself from that bullshit media mindfuck and take shit back to the public bathroom, the dorm room and wherever else their are sluts trashy enough to piss themselves together for the sake of honest fucking entertianment.

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Top 10 Girls Mooning on Youtube of the Day

I am slow moving today. Sometimes when I drink, I get inspired and other times when I drink, I turn into a fucking retarded kid who finds entertainment in rockin’ back and forth and who can’t seem to manage to muster up a sentence because my brain’s fucking broke. What I do know is that there was no real adventures last night, the only thing that happened other than trying to save a girl convulsing on the dance floor with my dick is that 3 of my friends and by friends I mean people I know, told me I am balding. Fat, Bald and Ethnic, what more could a girl want…maybe a small penis…well I got one of those too.

I compiled this list of Top 10 Mooning Videos I found on Youtube last weekend and never posted it. I also have a short attention span so only got 6 videos, but that’s gonna be good enough, because settling for last place and half assed posts is what I do.

So these are definitely not the top videos out there, just the first ones I found, and you will watch them.

Some Girl’s Bare Ass Being Shown to the World on Youtube

Some Girl Mooning the Camera From Afar…

Chip in Her Ass….

Moonin’ In the Car Like It Should Be Done

Girl Running Down the Street Mooning…

One out of Four Ain’t That Bad…..

A Bare Ass in Pantyhose is a Bare Ass To Me….

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I am – Drunken Girls on Facebook of the Day


This was just emailed into me and I decided to give them a post because I fucking love drunk girls. I think girls handle booze differently than guys do and it usually involves them slutting out, where guys usually end up ruining all their chances of slutting out, because they are either too busy being creepy perverts or throwing up on themselves or their friends after breaking things. It’s like every wasted girl I’ve ever come in contact with has been either showing off her underwear, flashing her tits, or sucking dick in the bathroom or at least willing to try doing all of those things. The girls who let themselves get this drunk are usually medicating some kind of insecurity and since insecure girls want to be the prettiest girls in the room that all the boys want, the best way to get that attention is to throw themselves at dudes or get naked in the process. I guess it’s the same reason why herpes is so widely spread, but there’s nothing wrong with a little STD if everyone’s got ’em.

The other thing that there’s nothing wrong with is laughing at yourself the day after you were a fucking disaster by posting shit to whatever social site you’re on, because taking yourself so seriously makes me hate you and being drunk is enough of an excuse for anything stupid you do and least it’s the one I’ve been using for 2 decades. I guess that’s the reason why having your mom as a friend sucks.

I am too lazy to go through people’s facebooks and rip their drunken pictures off, but this site did it for us.

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