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Peeing Crime of the Day

This is amazing the dude from Slumdog Millionaire just got arrested for peeing on girls on public transport. He was caught behind some 16 year old about to pee on her and I guess it’s got something to do with being sexual fetish, or maybe it has to do with marking his territory because he thinks he’s some kind of dog straight from the back alley of an Indian restaurant or the streets of Bombay.

Whatever the psychology behind this shit, it’s all amazing and I’m sad he got caught, I would have been way happier if they turned him into a viral video….

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Girls Have a Pissing in Pants Competition of the Day

I saw this on Youtube the other day and didn’t think to post it because I was too busy trying to crop and upload pictures of some usesless celebrity vagina that people seem to care about, but shouldn’t, especially when this kind of fucking amazingness happens in everyday life.

I don’t know why we fixate ourselves on famous people, or why people are drawn to them, after doing this site they all seem pretty fucking boring, fabricated, vapid and useless. Everything they do is staged, they make too much fucking money and people give them way too much positive reinforcement that distorts their reality into thinking they matter while really they don’t do anything of substance with their money or celebrity for the world. They are pigs….

But not the kind of pigs that matter, because if they really mattered then they would hold celebrity pant pissing contests and documented that shit for the world to see, probably never, because of cocksucker PR people and bullshit images to maintain to make the church happy, but that is the reason why you all gotta seperate yourself from that bullshit media mindfuck and take shit back to the public bathroom, the dorm room and wherever else their are sluts trashy enough to piss themselves together for the sake of honest fucking entertianment.

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I am – Steve Aoki Pees in Montreal of the Day

I was invited out to some Chachi bar in Montreal by Steve Aoki to drink for free and fuck with hot groupie bitches, so that’s what we did.

I don’t remember much of the night other than rollin’ in around 1 am and being escorted by the bouncers to the DJ Booth like I was someone important, which I am not, because every time I’ve tried rollin’ through that club in the past I was asked to leave because I look homeless.

Once in the DJ booth, there were about 10 or 15 slutty girls who were pretty much dripping down their leggings for Aoki but I was more interested in the bottle of vodka that was offered to me. So I drank my face off and by the end of the night, Steve Aoki was signing random body parts and I was doing shots out of some dude’s massive bottle of Grey Goose, because he thought I was someone important enough to give booze to, which I am not, while doing my best to stare up groupie skirts and watching them do their best to be the girl who the DJ took home, because it’s some kind of stamp of groupie approval.

At the end of the night, Aoki had to pee, and didn’t want to bother going all the way to the bathroom, so dude just peed in a couple of glasses that were lying around. I guess the funny thing in all this is that either the busboy cleanin’ up and thought there were some untouched drinks for him to drink like he won the fuckin’ lottery during his hard shift and wasn’t really aware of the surprise that he was about to get, and no matter what, for the lifetime of that glass’ career in that club, people will be drinking out of the Aoki pee cup, without even realizing it.

So watch some 1 Steve Aoki Celebrity DJ, 3 Cups.

Bonus – Samantha Ronson was There, But There Was No Side of Lohan….

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