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Crazy Facebook Ass of the Day

I used to have a feature on the site I called “stepFAME” where I’d basically find some random chick and either put her on blast, that’s mainstream hip hop talk for rip into her for being a cunt, or I’d focus on how hot the bitch was, and I always ended the post with the line “I made you famous, bitch”….I am thinking about bringing it back, and I’m starting with this hispanic ass from Facebook that’s just bananas…

So Vensea Tica Linda…I just made you famous bitch….if you are in fact a real person….even though I think this is some fake profile designed to lure boys into sending nude pics…but I am postin it anyway…even though she looks 15…..but I don’t think 15 year olds have asses like this…or post them to Facebook, so maybe she’s just got a young face….

To See Her Profile Follow This Link

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Facebook Causes Syphilis of the Day

I heard about this story last week. Basically some people are blaming facebook for the rise of Syphilis is some UK towns where Facebook is most popular and Facebook is denying the claim, saying they are a place for friends and family to connect, which is the biggest load of shit I’ve heard in a while, when everyone I know has fucked at least one girl thanks to meeting on Facebook. Including me. Yes…I venture down that road if the opportunity is interesting enough….

Add Me

Seriously, I’ve heard of people getting married cuz of the shit and Facebook celebrates that, but when it comes to good old premiscuous, unprotected sex, the fuckers deny. It’s simple…hitting up “friends” of “friends” makes things less awkward, it’s like a buffer zone, the gives people a sense of trust, that usually ends up in penetration and it’s free…..

Either way, it’s an old story. Facebook are cocksuckers. They deleted my profile 3 times. They have even blocked sending porn sites to each other over chat. It’s really not our own profile or virtual space…they own it, they control it, and now they give you fucking Syphilis but the good news is that Syphilis or not, you’re still getting pussy and the fun thing about Syphilis that everyone forgets is that some of the great artists of History had Syphilis and shit makes you go crazy and justified sexually transmitted craziness is better than straight up craziness.

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Randi Zuckerberg is my Facebook Enemy of the Day

I hate Facebook. They market themselves as a place for you on the internet to connect with friends, yet they have shut me down 4 times randomly after I spend months building up my network of friends. They never bother emailing me back to explain why, or to discuss how we can bring my profile back to life, and the whole thing is some serious bullshit, possibly the same bullshit that has made the world sell their souls to the site and put there personal information on the shit like it was their own space to do that, only to get these freaks to read your messages, deleted your information and not even bother looking into it.

The person to blame is Randi Zuckerberg, the marketing person at Facebook, who is related to the boy genius that created the site, because she loves riding his coattails and enjoys the glory and access working in such a powerful position at such a relevant company is, all while perpetuating bullshit and lies and despite her ugly ass face, thinks she has the right to pollute TV….and the entertainment industry…when she really belongs in an entry level position, making minimal money, living in a shitty aparment trying to get ahead while dealing with the constant rejection of men, while having the constant love of her cats…but unfortunately, like Lady Gaga, she won at life…

I hate her for deleting my account and you should hate her too…

Here she is boring, trying to be relevant, trying to be interesting, trying to be a celebrity all while being ugly as fuck.

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Some Jojo Facebook Pictures of the Day

Someone emailed in these pictures of Jojo from her Facebook. Sure she’s pretty much irrelevant, but there was a time when people/perverts everywhere would talk about the things they would do to her, once she turned 18. She was one of those jailbait fantasies that fell into obscurity after she became legal. I was never feeling this girl. Her ghetto swagger and thick body that got violated by a bunch of black dick just did nothing to me, kinda like these Facebook pictures. I wasn’t expecting to see her in a black on white chick orgy, I wasn’t even really expecting any panty shots, but the girls on my facebook , have pictures that are a hell of a lot more incriminating, the kind of shit that will get them rejected from all major colleges when they reach that milestone in their young adult life, but I’ll post these anyway, because they are something, even though they are pretty close to nothing…if you know what I mean.

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Facebook Hates Me of the Day

I’ve been using facebook for about a year. I’ve been adding random people and people who read the site have been adding me. I’ve kept it updated by running a feed to the site on there, I’ve promoted them pretty aggressively on this site in trying to recruit friends. I pretty much sit on it all day and tonight, I tried to login and boom…..

Account Disabled

Your account has been disabled by an administrator. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here.

Fuck you facebook, you broke my fucking heart. It is a dark day for the internet today and I’ll have to find a new place for internet social networking, maybe one that your mom, aunt, brothers, cousins, sisters, dogs, bosses, teachers, the admissions department of your university, and pretty much anyone else you don’t want to see your pictures of your drunken nights with drunken whores. One that’s got a little more cool to it, then terms and conditions.

I will start that site. I just need a programmer…..stay tuned.

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Paris Hilton is On Someone’s Facebook of the Day

You know Paris Hilton is a huge star when I find pictures of her dancing at a club and hugging up on some chick like they are best fucking friends for life on Facebook. She’s like one of those accessible celebrities who hangs out with anyone who isn’t famous around her because they are the only people who are impressed by her and it’s good for her ego. They are the kind of people who feel like they are important just because they are in her slut presence and Paris needs that positive affirmation because everyone else in the world thinks she’s a fuckin’ joke. If it wasn’t for these select few ass lickers out there, there wouldn’t even be a Paris Hilton, the harsh reality of her sucking at life would have hit a long time ago and bitch would have jumped off twentieth floor balcony back then.

So as long as there are socialite wannabes and horny dudes willing to fuck some skinny coked up bitch with herpes, there will be a Paris Hilton because she’ll think she has a purpose and we’ll have the facebook uploads as memories of each and everyone one of these club night encounters and I hate all you fuckers for that.

You are the same guy who made this fat bitch I know think she’s all fuckin that, like god’s fucking gift to sucking cock who thinks she gives the best fucking blowjob the world and deserves presents and to be worshipped all because and asshole told her she was awesome. What she doesn’t know is that when getting a blowjob from a willing girl, it’s always the best fucking blowjob and we tell you that it’s the best fucking blowjob because we are trying to fuckin’ cum and if we were to focus on your fucking flaws at giving a blowjob we’d go fuckin’ limp and forced to jerk off like we always fucking do, making the whole blowjob a waste of our time. So don’t let this get to your head bitch, it’s just part of the fuckin’ process and we tell every girl who sucks are dick that she gives the best fucking blowjob and you don’t deserve presents or to be worshipped, because your blowjob was average at best, it was just the best blowjob we were getting at the time. Cuddles.

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I am – Drunken Girls on Facebook of the Day


This was just emailed into me and I decided to give them a post because I fucking love drunk girls. I think girls handle booze differently than guys do and it usually involves them slutting out, where guys usually end up ruining all their chances of slutting out, because they are either too busy being creepy perverts or throwing up on themselves or their friends after breaking things. It’s like every wasted girl I’ve ever come in contact with has been either showing off her underwear, flashing her tits, or sucking dick in the bathroom or at least willing to try doing all of those things. The girls who let themselves get this drunk are usually medicating some kind of insecurity and since insecure girls want to be the prettiest girls in the room that all the boys want, the best way to get that attention is to throw themselves at dudes or get naked in the process. I guess it’s the same reason why herpes is so widely spread, but there’s nothing wrong with a little STD if everyone’s got ’em.

The other thing that there’s nothing wrong with is laughing at yourself the day after you were a fucking disaster by posting shit to whatever social site you’re on, because taking yourself so seriously makes me hate you and being drunk is enough of an excuse for anything stupid you do and least it’s the one I’ve been using for 2 decades. I guess that’s the reason why having your mom as a friend sucks.

I am too lazy to go through people’s facebooks and rip their drunken pictures off, but this site did it for us.

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