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Randi Zuckerberg is my Facebook Enemy of the Day

I hate Facebook. They market themselves as a place for you on the internet to connect with friends, yet they have shut me down 4 times randomly after I spend months building up my network of friends. They never bother emailing me back to explain why, or to discuss how we can bring my profile back to life, and the whole thing is some serious bullshit, possibly the same bullshit that has made the world sell their souls to the site and put there personal information on the shit like it was their own space to do that, only to get these freaks to read your messages, deleted your information and not even bother looking into it.

The person to blame is Randi Zuckerberg, the marketing person at Facebook, who is related to the boy genius that created the site, because she loves riding his coattails and enjoys the glory and access working in such a powerful position at such a relevant company is, all while perpetuating bullshit and lies and despite her ugly ass face, thinks she has the right to pollute TV….and the entertainment industry…when she really belongs in an entry level position, making minimal money, living in a shitty aparment trying to get ahead while dealing with the constant rejection of men, while having the constant love of her cats…but unfortunately, like Lady Gaga, she won at life…

I hate her for deleting my account and you should hate her too…

Here she is boring, trying to be relevant, trying to be interesting, trying to be a celebrity all while being ugly as fuck.

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