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Star Trek Premiere Pussy of the Day

Star Trek is coming and I’m sure that means that you are too, because Star Trek was the only friend you had growing up. It was the one thing you really connected with and when the internet hit it allowed you to find like minded loser virgins who you could interact with and meet at conventions to hang out with and is really the only reason you ever got married, so in a lot of ways Star Trek, the reason you were such a loser growing up, is the same reason you got pussy in the first place….

Here’s a little Heidi Klum throwin’ up her Virgin Gang Signs….I think that is like the hybrid shocker for girls with fatty assholes…but I am usually wrong about that shit…

Here’s some bad space jokes and others who were at the event….Which is funny because when you used to throw you Star Trek parties the only person who showed up was your stuffed animals and kid sister. I guess they got paid the fuck off, you know trying to take the acne faced, asthmatic, red headed pre-conceived notions of the shit…..

Amanda Bynes was there cuz her legs are out of this world…..

Kristin Cavallari was there because her career is as believable as science fiction….

Tori Spelling was there because her tits are fucking alien….

Hayden Panettiere because she all of her fans are fucking virgin Star Trek People. This is her fuckin’ scene

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Star Trek Porn Set of the Day

Hustler is releasing some Star Trek themed porn and it made me laugh. Not because I ever watched Star Trek, but because you probably have. Sure these pictures don’t really represent what you’d expect to see on a pornset, something I’ve never really been on, unless you count the time I video taped some fat girl running away from my erect penis, but I don’t think you do.

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Girls Painted Green for DJ AM of the Day

I am not sure if you know this, but DJ AM is a geek, just a geek who has managed to make a career out of the shit he geek’s on. That’s not too shocking, because pretty much every single DJ I’ve met over the years has been a geek, you have to be to know all the songs to play, to sit at turntables hour after hour learning how to scratch or mix or whatever the fuck they do, all fueled by them being tired of being the loser in the back of the club, and wanting to be the star of the fucking show, because girls flock to the star of the show, whether it’s a local guy at a rockbar or one of these superstar motherfuckers, because girls are competitive and want to be the woman next to the man who all the other women want or at least the man who’s the center of attention, because they want to be the center of attention, even if the guy’s a fucking geek. It’s some crazy shit that makes no sense to me.

What does make sense to me though, is that DJ AM, would use his club as a place to promote the New Star Trek movie, not only because he’s a Jew who likes gettin’ paid, but because he has spent many lonely nights before he became a millionaire success story, jerking off to green skinned bitches, because Star Trek was his favorite show and these bitches put out.

That said, you are probably a Star Trek kinda guy, so I figured you’d like seeing this girls who moved to LA to be the next Tara Reid, trying to work their way/sleep their way to a real job, but forced to take these low level jobs to pay there rent. I hear they’ll be at Costco next week handing out toilet paper samples. Watch out for it


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