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Cop Assualts his Twin Brother’s Girlfriend of the Day

I love this story of a twin brother doin’ the old “switcharoo” with his brother’s girlfriend, pretty much a reason why we’ve all wanted to be twins at least once in our lives, that and the fact that being a twin allows you to fuck yourself and not be considered gay, but masturbation but that’s a whole other perk I don’t really feel like getting into and will just save for the Good Charlotte sisters to tell you about in their memoirs….or for the other twin in this story to tell you all about because he’s got a cowboy tattooed on his ass making he question why he had a girlfriend in the first place….

I love that this girl is complaining about the whole thing like the second she found out the guy she was seeing had a twin she didn’t want to get gangbanged by both of them at the same time, you know always wondering if they really are exactly the same, I know if I was dating twins, that’d be my biggest concern, hell, if I was dating someone with a sister that’d be my biggest concern, hell, if I was dating someone with female friends or teenage stepdaughters or even a decent looking grandmother that’d be my biggest concern.

We all know she seduced this cop into fucking her and now she feels guilty about the whole thing and doesn’t want the other brother to dump her since this one wasn’t as good as him and so she cried rape and I am just as fuckin’ confused as you are in trying to decipher what I was trying to say in the last run-on sentence in this post..

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