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Paris Hilton and her Push-Up Bra of the Day

The funny thing about Paris Hilton that I find fascinating is that she comes from a lot of money and has made a lot of money. Her family comes from money and I think her grandfather came from money. It’s like a long line of blue blooded high society folk, but for some reason she dresses and acts like a gutter slut straight out of the Projects or the Trailer Park, lookin’ to make a few bucks to pay for her baby formula.

Seriously, from the fake hair, to the shitty blonde dye job, to the busted up cleavage and the shitty teenage porn tape, you know she’s gutter trash, but she’s wearing all designer clothes and driving a Bentley….

The whole thing confuses me and screams only one thing and that’s parents that didn’t take the time to care about her and who really cares as long as she’s got her expensive push-up bra on…cuz cleavage is always good whether it’s rich, poor, ulgy or amazing…it’s a universal language.

Pics via Fame

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    Why defile this sacred site by posting pictures of this skank?

  • Expletive:BMP

    Paris Hilton is an awesome slender piece for Drunken Pig who loves scrawny chicks, so you scrawny chick loving nobs, have at it 😀

  • Isis

    OMG Crying and shaking right now! Paris looks gorgeous, stunning, perfect, flawless, angel, wears diamonds for breakfast etc. LOVE YOU PARIS!!!!!!

  • Drunken Pig

    Whoop’s..slipped up BMP..you forgot to swith your name over to RAY J for that insult..LMFAO..LOSER..go take your meds..GOOF!!

  • Drunken Pig

    Cum-wipe’s of the rich and famous..Im suprised neither sister has got a boob job yet??.don’t forget your Valtrex Paris!!

  • ?????????????

    Drunken pig looking paranoid as usual, drunken pig what do you do anyway since you are always on here.

    I want to know who employs you and type of job you have because you seem to always be on this site.

  • Bob Smith

    Is this chick famous or something?

  • DrunkenVegas

    There is absolutely NOTHING hot/sexy about either Hilton sister.

  • Drunken Pig

    ??????????????…HA HA HA..that’s it BMP..show everyone how pathetic you are trying to save face!!…HA HA HA!!

  • Jesus H. Christ

    WOW…so this is the kind of ugly trash you like? Kim Kardashian (who is just as annoying) is “FAT” but you let this gutter ho off easy cause she’s thin? well, if herpes and genital warts are your thing, and obviously they are, good luck with that!

  • ??????????

    Drunken pig

    ? I hate to burst your bubble but I’m not BMP. Get a grip bro

  • EmmaG

    How the fuck did you get pictures of my used tampon? I WILL SUE YOUR ASS OFF!!

  • ken

    I thought this was Ann Coulter..

    she looks 40something.

  • Dingosbaby

    I’m guessing Drunken Pig is unemployed living off the state. Probably claims disability for his chronic case of douchedom.

    Anxiously awaiting his comeback where he insults my looks and tells me I’m fat (bc that’s so original) even though he’s never seen me. Come on DP, give the people what they want — get off that pre- teen boy already and speak.

  • She has almost 2 million twitter followers and she is doing very well for herself.
    Both Hilton sister look great!

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