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Bus Driver Molestor of the Day

So this retard bus driver was taking a retarded girl home and decided he might as well get some sex from her cuz ever since he was younger and loved the show Life Goes On, he wanted to feel a Downs Syndrome pussy….and figued she probably doesn’t have real high standards you know, cuz she’s retarded, but his whole plan of seduction backfired when she pushed him off, cuz he crossed the line of appropriate cuz she wasn’t in the mood to give up her retard pussy…even though you’d think she was in the mood based on how often she masturbated in a given hour…I used to work in a retard home and playing with their your own genitals was the retard way of life…

As I am concered all pussy is created equal..if it works then its worth fucking and if the bus driver wasn’t the bigger fucking retard in the situation he would have tried to get up inside someone more severely retarded who can’t talk and express themselves so that no one ever finds out about his hustle….

Either way, I think this dude was just doing community service, you know, make a girl feel like a sex object and not like a freak of nature and he deserves the key to the fucking city.

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