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Bus Driver Molestor of the Day

So this retard bus driver was taking a retarded girl home and decided he might as well get some sex from her cuz ever since he was younger and loved the show Life Goes On, he wanted to feel a Downs Syndrome pussy….and figued she probably doesn’t have real high standards you know, cuz she’s retarded, but his whole plan of seduction backfired when she pushed him off, cuz he crossed the line of appropriate cuz she wasn’t in the mood to give up her retard pussy…even though you’d think she was in the mood based on how often she masturbated in a given hour…I used to work in a retard home and playing with their your own genitals was the retard way of life…

As I am concered all pussy is created equal..if it works then its worth fucking and if the bus driver wasn’t the bigger fucking retard in the situation he would have tried to get up inside someone more severely retarded who can’t talk and express themselves so that no one ever finds out about his hustle….

Either way, I think this dude was just doing community service, you know, make a girl feel like a sex object and not like a freak of nature and he deserves the key to the fucking city.

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Kristen Stewart Is Really Not Hot of the Day

What type of lesson is this going to give all the teenage girls who masturbate to this Twilight bullshit….is it that ugly girls get noticed? Or that ugly girls have equal opportunities as hot girls? What ever happened to casting hot chicks who make the ugly chicks insecure and develop eating disoriders in aspiring to be like their idol, instead of feeding them this Kristen Stewart shit that looks like they took fucking retard out of the retard home because she fit into the budget and didn’t complain too much as long as you fed her Jello or some shit.

This really makes me mad….it is fucking the natural balance of negative media influence on the public, something that’s been controlling populations forever, making corporations and governments rich as fuck forever, while keeping us these drones that do what they tell us because we don’t feel good enough about ourselves on our own, and in the past when it means a fat chick goes skinny and hot by not eating, it can’t be a bad thing….

On a side note, I guess I’ve officially added to Twilight hype, something I can’t fucking stand about, so now I have no choice but to hate myself for doing this.

Pics via Fame

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Katie Price Picture of the Day

If you’re wondering what kind of person reads Katie Price books the answer is what you’d expect it to be…retards…and even he’s just there for the tits, or maybe even unwillingly because no one listened to his cries for help thru his computer when this bitch kidnapped him for this photo op cuz she will do anything for publicity.

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I Found my Retard of the Day

If you read the site, you know that I’ve been lookin’ for a retarded kid to adopt and hang out with cuz he will take the fall for my harmless pranks. I wouldn’t fuck the kid up and get him in any life threatening situations, but I know we could get away with a lot because of his handicap. Anyway, I looked and looked for a mother willing to lend me one of their high functioning retarded kids and came up empty, that was until I saw this video…Too bad bitch is in jail.

On a serious note, this video is fuckin’ disturbing and some people deserve to fucking die and burn in hell. I’m talking about he mother not the retarded kid for not being up to par with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood.

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