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Kristen Stewart Is Really Not Hot of the Day

What type of lesson is this going to give all the teenage girls who masturbate to this Twilight bullshit….is it that ugly girls get noticed? Or that ugly girls have equal opportunities as hot girls? What ever happened to casting hot chicks who make the ugly chicks insecure and develop eating disoriders in aspiring to be like their idol, instead of feeding them this Kristen Stewart shit that looks like they took fucking retard out of the retard home because she fit into the budget and didn’t complain too much as long as you fed her Jello or some shit.

This really makes me mad….it is fucking the natural balance of negative media influence on the public, something that’s been controlling populations forever, making corporations and governments rich as fuck forever, while keeping us these drones that do what they tell us because we don’t feel good enough about ourselves on our own, and in the past when it means a fat chick goes skinny and hot by not eating, it can’t be a bad thing….

On a side note, I guess I’ve officially added to Twilight hype, something I can’t fucking stand about, so now I have no choice but to hate myself for doing this.

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