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Ana Beatriz Barros is an Off-Duty Model of the Day

Here are some boring pictures of a Victoria’s Secret model who you are used to seeing half naked in lingerie and bikinis ruining her fucking image by wearing everyday clothes. There should be something in their fucking contracts that when they sign their life away to Victoria’s Secret in exchange for the safe return of their family, that all public appearances are made half naked, cuz seriously, I’m sure she’s hot, but I can’t really make it out because I’m too busy googling pictures of her to bother with the actual pictures of her…I wonder if her boyfriends have the same issue with her, it’s like everytime they try to fuck ends up in a fight cuz her grown over bush and un-made-up face is nothing like the pictures they have framed of her around the room that he is forced to stare at to cum, becuase he knows his pussy has potential, she just needs pounds of make up and 10,000 dollars a day to make it shine.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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