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Kate Bosworth Shows Off Her Legs of the Day

I love skinny girls….I spent a better part of yesterday stalking a girl…I don’t really like to call it stalking because that would imply I was creepy and criminal when really I was just admiring her because she was skinny and in the smallest tightest shorts I’ve ever seen on a girl. Her legs were long and luxurious and her tits were small and perky….so I did what any guy who had nothing better to do with his time and followed her home. It turns out her last name is “Roberts”…her buzzer code is 1093…she must live alone or she’s just anorexic…cuz she went grocery shopping and bought 1 apple, a case of diet coke and a pound of roast turkey slices, which would explain why she’s so skinny…at 11 pm she left her house and got into a cab that I tried to follow but lost her outside one of those trendy supper club bullshits….and I went home to my pig wife who was eating ice cream and crying about some bullshit I tried to ignore…because I was too busy realizing that life fucking hates me and I’m real bad at it cuz otherwise I’d be bossing Kate Bosworth to bounce her boney ass on my pelvis instead of being afraid my wife is going to get frisky and smother me to death with hers….

Pics via Fame

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  • Taz

    That last line was great

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