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Maria Sharapova Has Balls in Her Pants of the Day

Yeah….that was a horrible joke. It is a pretty constant theme in my life but in my defense this bitch didn’t give me anything to work with. There was a time she was the biggest money making person in tennis and it had nothing to do with her playing tennis but everything to do with everyone wanting to fuck her which was a nice reminder to women everywhere that being hot pussy people want to fuck makes you more money than actually being good at something because looks are more important – so all you ugly bitches need to stop trying to get ahead and should just accept your fate and all you pretty girls need to stop getting educated or skilled at something and just shorten your skirt hemline….some advice Maria Sharapova should take cuz clearly these pants make me think she’s forgotten what she’s good for as she actually tries to play tennis and that’s pretty unfortunate…like this post.

Pics via Bauer

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  • Bob Smith

    I’ll bet she can crush your dick with her pussy.

  • Masha Fierce

    She’s won three Grand Slams and one of the best tennis players of this generation. And she’s still young – not to mention she’s still the highest paid female sports athlete. She didn’t get to where she is today just because of her looks.

  • cowbulls

    I agree with Bob. Those Stacey Kiebler-ess legs could do wonderful things.