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Heidi Montag’s Transformer’s Audition is Desperate of the Day

Like the bottom feeding trash that this bitch is, she is trying to get Megan Fox’s job in transformers by posting a shooting gallery training session with a cop on her twitter directed @michael_bay, like the time I tried to get sex with Lohan by writing @lindsaylohan “Let’s have sex”….it’s laughable, it’s a joke, she’s a joke that is hopefully coming to a fucking end…because she can’t go on forever and suicide or a botched plastic surgery is inevitable, but there’s always something guys find hot about bitches with guns, no matter how low level and useless they are….so here are some pics of her with guns, that aren’t that recent, but are doing the rounds, cuz people find this twitter hustle a fucking joke and we all like watching bitches with egos fall…lets just hope we are hear about a gun accident in their mansion in the near future….murder suicide can be a beautiful thing when it involves these twats.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    Normal thumbs, big tits, beautiful surgery, the ideal of all women.

    I say hire the cunt!

  • SumoneKillthemplz

    Please keep pushing the murder-suicide thing!! It’s the only appropriate ending!

  • Mason McDuffie

    I hate seeing pictures of jackasses posing with guns with fingers on the triggers. Rule #1- TREAT EVERY GUN AS IF ITS LOADED! I despise these two degenerates.

  • Drunken Pig

    Hmmmm…a FuCKb0t-Barbie & Megan{the}F0Xx dyke-out…now that Id pay admission for!!

  • beavis

    Who cares what Bay thinks, I doubt the studio would let these two laughingstocks fuck up their franchise any more.

  • Bob Smith

    She could not be any worse than Megan Fox.

    I’m surprised that any of you think Megan Fox had anything to do with making Transformers a success. If she didn’t get that job on the first Transformers movie you would never have heard of her.

    If she knew her place, she’s be sucking off Michael Bay and rimming him any time he asked, anywhere.

  • cowbulls

    Let’s add this up. She’s a conservative woman that doesn’t bore us with her liberal crap opinions. She will do anything to make herself more sexually attractive. That usually means she will do anything sexually. She’s just got to be tight because that little troll husband of hers couldn’t deflower a bic pen. I say she’s damn near perfect.