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Adrianne Curry’s Bikini Quest for Twitter Followers Continues of the Day

Adrianne Curry told me off on Twitter before blocking me. I’d say it was the highlight of my life, but unfortunately for her, she’s totally insignificant. The only thing she is good for is the Tila Tequila approach to getting noticed, and that’s by taking half naked pictures and posting them to twitter, hoping idiots like me who write about any pussy in a bikini, no matter how relevant or irrlevant they are, because pussy in bikini is a fetish to me, pretty much the main reason I have a Facebook account, or why I go to the beach, public pool or park. I’m an easy fucking crowd, cuz seeing a bitch in bikini, no matter how bad her fake tits are, or what she does for a living or who’s attention she is trying to get from getting in the bikini, just doesn’t matter….as long as they are in a fucking bikini…if oyu know what i mean….

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  • Toolman

    She’s Batshit crazy but I would wear her the fuck out.

  • Expletive:BMP

    not only that, but she’s freaking awesome and beautiful, that brady kid has his hands full.

  • Bob Smith

    All along, I thought “Adrienne Curry” was a dish from Bombay.

  • Drunken Pig

    Bitch is nut’s!!..and speaking of “nut’s”..she can drain mine!!