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Kate Hudson’s Boring Beach Pictures of the Day

Kate Hudson must playing a society housewife or some shit in her new shit movie….because drinking a glass of wine while playing badminton covered up on the beach is something I’d expect to see some rich 45 year old woman doing after coming to terms with how unhappy she is but how nice it is to spend her husband’s money…I guess it’s got to do with Kate Hudson being one of those cunts you knew in high school who constantly said “OMG, You’re so immature” and “Act your age” and other bullshit that lead to her having a kid in her early 20s, while living middle-aged a decade before her time and the only reason I care is because society housewives covered up on the beach are generally not sprawled out ass in tiny bikini on the beach and no matter how irritating this homewrecking vagina who has fucked everyone is, she’d be less irritating if she was her half naked and you probably agree…cuz that’s why you are here…or at least that’s why I like to think you are here…but I know reality is that it was probably just an accident….

Pics via Bauer

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  • Drunken Pig

    You aint kidding..that battered-box has seen a lot of peen!!