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Victoria Silvstedt Prostitute Ass in a Bikini of the Day

I have a deep rooted hatred for this escort who wasn’t always an escort but who at one point in time was a classy ski racer, turned breast implant purchaser, turned Playboy model, turned bottom feeder in Hollywood, who moved back to Europe to become a bottom feeder there, before becoming the hired pussy of some Greek billionaire midget….who has put her on payroll and giving her the quality of life her whore ass thinks she deserves….a whore ass that she is more than happy to show off because it is aging and the end may have come and gone for her, but will officially try up when her only employer, the Greek Billionaire, moves onto fresher porn lookin’ whore pussy…

Here she is in a bikini….cuz that’s all she knows how to do….and something her sloppy ass screams she should probably retire soon enough…but you’ll probably like it…cuz you’re a desperate pig….and I guess so is this bitch and the rank pussy lip you can kinda make out in the header pic….

Pics via Bauer

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  • Bob Smith

    She doesn’t do it for me, not even a little.

  • Chris

    I swear to God, that creature was once a MAN, dude!