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NewNowNext Event Brought Out The Old of the Day

NewNowNext Event makes me laugh because with a name like that you’d expect the shit to generate some interest for up and coming stars, not bitches I used to jerk off to in the 90s. Seriously, what the fuck happened to Carmen Electra. I remember thinking she really had it going on, but then one day she disappeared and I guess me and everyone else forgot about her, until now…because I guess she’s planning on making a comeback, I mean why else would she be at the NewNextNow event, but in all liklihood, maybe they had free food, something her lack of work bank account appreciates…

Here’s Perez Hilton, another soon to be has-been who was at the event begging for attention…cuz I don’t know anyone who bothers with his site now that there’s TMZ and RadarOnline…but when the motherfucker is dressed like this…I don’t mind posting it…cuz it’s too weird, trying too hard, too lame to be ignored…seriously – what the fuck is this…what a fucking joke. More people need to punch him.

Pics via Bauer

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    The blue haired creature ought to be stoned to death.

  • Drunken Pig

    I’d line up and PAY to punch that fat pud-huffing cocksucker in the face!!..only thing id be worried about the aidz when he bled-out!! Carmen’s still worth a poke!!

  • KAG

    Man, can’t we have blue boy die instead of good actors.

  • Steve lick

    I have never seen anyone publicly crying out for a father’s love like that truly disturbed homo. We can only hope that someday he gets a toxic batch arced into his asspipe and then the countdown clock begins.

  • Dan Carver

    Mating with Negroes ruined Carmen Electra. Perez Hilton’s site used to be one of the first sites to post breaking gossip news. Now he is 2 to 3 days late.