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Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Give Up…Even Though She Should of the Day

J.Lo just doesn’t give up…but she should…cuz there comes a time in every woman’s life where trying to reaffirm your sex appeal is pathetic and almost sad to watch. She married something out of a horror movie and had his kid and I guess realized that that doesn’t do it for her, but instead the eyes of men around the globe, fascinated with her ass was really the only thing she needed…too little too late….

Here she is slutting up her disgusting mom body at some event cuz she forgets she’s a mom and remembers being a slut since being a slut is what made her who she is…you know way further than the vagina ripping birthing process did….

Some bitches think their kids are the best thing that happened to them…you know their proudest moment….that life-changing experience that put everything in perspective and taught them what as actually important…but for J.Lo that happened with “Jenny From the Block” Album….cuz she’s a self-righteous cunt….and here she is showing off her body…holding the fuck on to whatever overrated trash she once was….

Bonus – Camilla Alves was there in some rubber lookin’ dress…Something she wasn’t wearing when Matt McConaughey knocked her up multiple times…

Pics via Fame

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  • Drunken Pig

    Right on man..Jenny on my cock shoulda died long ago!!

  • Bob Smith

    She looks old and haggard. Which I can’t figure out because it’s not like she’s had a hard life.

    What’s worse is that she does know how to age gracefully, so she looks like an aging coochy dancer. And that’s not a good thing.

  • cowbulls

    Take away her ass and she looks like she could be changing sheets in a Marriot somewhere.

  • It sucks that Jennifer Lopez couldn’t get to American Idol. It would happen to be amazing if she could have gotten there. Effectively perhaps she can get there future season.