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Nicole Scherzinger for Maxim Video of the Day

She has a great body but her face is fucking busted and transgendered. She was in Montreal this past weekend and I didn’t bother trying to sniff out her balls and throw random rotting vegetables at her to show her how much I appreciate her career and her music but now that her and her fake tits are gone I feel emptiness but I don’t think it’s related to her in anyway since I feel this way whenever I am sober….

I don’t know if anyone cares about her or if she’s actually considered a person. I don’t think Pussycat Dolls are significant in any way….and I know Maxim is fucking dying and struggling to stay alive, willing to take whatever pussy that comes along a chance for the cover, cuz the A-Listers have moved the fuck onto other things like Twitter.

Either way, here she is her hot body to make fat girls feel shitty about themselves and for the closet cases to pretend they are jerking off to a chick while staring at her strong jaw….


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  • Imtheloserbehind

    They did airbrush the crap out of her face now that I saw her on abc in HD. It’s always funny to see these people dating other famous people becuse only they can understand how it’s feels to be famous. The only people who still buy this mag are the 10% who still don’t have acess to the net in the USA, and young boys and girls who have strict patents and lock down there net at home; but just go to their friends house or go to the libary to see them. Parents today are stupid.

  • Dan Carver

    Yes, she is a butterface. Nice body, though. Is she still fucking that mulatto F1 driver? I don’t think anyone is buying the mag. I have had a free subscription to it for at least six years. They give out free subscriptions to inflate their circulation numbers.

  • Amber_Taylor

    She looks like a wombat.

  • Drunken Pig

    Bitch has a face built for dog-style!!