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Ashlee Simpson Reminds Jessica Simpson That She Sucks of the Day

Not only has Ashlee Simpson landed a man…or what is marketed as a man…but she’s also got married, had kids, relaunched her career, but most importantly…is not a fat slob eating away her sadness from how life has wronged her with her gay Yoko Ono trying to force feed the donuts down her throat so that he gets all the glory…Take that Jessica Simpson…Remember when Ashlee was the latch on sister who felt insignificant in your shadow. Revenge is Bittersweet…

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  • Bob Smith

    No matter how people try to spin her, she still is the less attractive, completely untalented one.

    But lets face facts. All a girl needs is a pussy to get a guy, get married, and have kids. That’s what she’s done. Good for her.

  • Drunken Pig

    “Jessica Simpson sucks”..and very well..from what I’ve heard..would love to slide my dick between those big fat tit’s of hers!!

  • Imtheloserbehind

    If they were not well know I think daddy Simpson would of thrown her baby in the dumpster.

  • Nameless

    Thought for sure that was Snooki stalking her in the background.

  • shizzle

    Is that Snooki in the background?

  • dan plopp

    I’d rather lay pipe with her sister Jessica. Do you think OJ would want to watch us?

  • Jenna

    Oh shit! Snooki lost weight!?!?! That cookie diet worked for her huh?

  • liz

    whoa back this truck up… how has ashlee simpson managed to do anything special or significant in the last 3 years? her career is still dead… and amen to the comment about her having a pussy to get the man and child. she seems like a total bitch.. not a surprise she has a reputation as one.

    those comments a/b jessica are cruel and ignorant. just because she isn’t starving herself doesn’t mean she’s a slob and sitting at home feeling sorry for herself. check the magazines, she’s out and about.. doin shit that matters. actually she just had that tv show, the price of beauty. give the girl a break… and puhllleazz don’t give credit where it definitely isn’t due (i.e. ashlee)

    this article is a joke tho. complete stupidity.

  • Anonymous

    How exactly has she relaunched her career?

  • blackey

    All Ashlee has done is get a load of plastic surgery & she is completely talentless. I think this is a bit harsh, Jessica has achieved a lot. I don’t think Jessica would be feeling so badly towards her sister as you say.

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