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Rebecca Gayheart Baby Deathwatch of the Day

I hate Rebecca Gayheart…I’m not entirely sure why but think it has something to do with celebrity justice being injustice….cuz bitch ran over a kid with her car cuz she was impatient and on her cell phone…and pulled out into oncoming traffic to pass all the stopped cars that were letting the kids cross the street…because she has an ego and thinks she is more important and deserves the right of way to other cars cuz she was in one or two movies no one even remembers…and she got off…they put the blame on the fucking kid cuz that’s what high powered lawyers do…but she and everyone else knows she’s a fucking murderer and that she took a poor kid’s life and whether she is sociopathic or not…she has to live with that for the rest of her life…until someone gets their revenge and take her new baby for an “Alabama KKK Chained to the Truck” ride….and that someone will probably be the kid she murdered mother…despite the fact that the best revenge for the world would be to not take Karma out on the defenseless innocent baby…but instead on Rebecca Gayheart and her dyking out cocaine using, shitty sex tape making ass….by riding the world of her existence…I guess we’re all allowed to have dreams….I can’t stand this fucking cunt.

Pics via Fame

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    Could you just stop with the sugar-coating?

  • Amber_Taylor

    Haha, yeah, Jesus, don’t hold back.
    Say what’s on your mind.

    I kind of love the way you always give it to this bitch every time you do a post on her.
    I’ve always liked her though, child killer or not.
    Noxzema 4-EVAH.

    Good times…

  • Imtheloserbehind

    I bet there’s video of the accident and her and her hubby smoke crack and have sex while watching it every night, laughing about how she got away with murder.